World War 3… SCO vs usa


If Russia and China would take on usa, who do you think would win? Let’s see… And don’t call me communist, facist etc. Because I am not!!! I hate communism …


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  1. ktank1319 says:

    well personly i think china will win beacuse russa is a country with fuckin scow up their ass no offense to russians i hate you goverment no you and hell im amircan but honistly if we get our asses kicked we had it coming and i hate china a little but their economy is the fastest growing in the world right now so i think they have a leg up on us but thats just my opion

  2. America haven't got any army at all. China and Russia are friends!

  3. joey8062 says:

    fuckin racist,always blaming it on the arabs.

  4. Bryon Hudson says:

    Wow, did a 12 yo make this video? It's very immature. It's unfortunate that you can even put shit like this on Youtube under "Freedom Of Speech" you need to have you little ass spanked.

  5. Bryon Hudson says:

    So I reported this video I hope Youtube takes you down bastard motherfucker

  6. I can't believe I clicked on this hoping for some educational experience. Oh well… It's youtube.

  7. Well, at least Americans can see when they fight, unlike the Chinese LOL! and the Russians…. pffffff all they see is Vodka

  8. A Yo says:

    I smell a hater with no common knowledge.

  9. MarkyGaming says:

    Ok first Sco vs usa would not happen. If you know history you know about the cold war. Where usa and ussr (russia) had tons of nukes but came to never use them. Second 2 vs 1 ha never it would become a bigger war. Going back to the cold war USSR were very strong at first but became very weak leading to them becoming very poor. Third if there was a nuclearer war the earth and all living creature would die on it from nuclearer gases! And going back to the cold war mainly the cuban missile crisis usa and ussr both knew that they could not use their nukes so you really think they make the mistake and kill the human race!. And last you surporting sco a but to much so i guess you made this for a joke correct. If you ever make a vid like this make sure your not being stupid by not having no evidence what so ever i find it childess of you to ever make this. I understand you may hate usa but i think your taking it way to far.

  10. Nova Maximum says:

    What the freak America is not gay

  11. Ab pvp says:

    I love how there's a lot of people taking this way too seriously. This is just a guy showing hate to a country, don't people from the U.S do the same? If you don't like it, get out. This is some funny shit.

  12. Vivian Cao says:

    Lol America has the weakest allies

  13. sgtHumphrey says:

    If the USA would fire their nuclear Arsenal. They would have enough to strike all the SCO's large cities at least 5 Times and easily eradicate almost all people and uitlize the industry. Those nuke pictures is the SCO that would be nothing but ashes.

  14. @1:241:39
    Really?  Really???

    Honestly, how fucking childish are you -_-

  15. Very good video with nice music!! It's best that we, here in the USA, straighten out our lying politicians, and whole lying political system, before we are annihilated in World War 3. The people in the U.S., by and large, have not taken the appropriate response to this high treason that is occurring, and this is a shame on them for their cowardice and lack of concern for the truth. Nevertheless, things will be changing shortly, and those who have done these things will have all Hell to pay for it.

  16. finding it highly.inappropriate ,

  17. American defeated China and Russia and North Korea and the whole, communist world in Korea and won the cold war you sco dreamers better wake up before we destroy your country's you won't even see it

  18. Joël LeMay says:

    you must be enraged that Obama got elected

  19. Joël LeMay says:

    btw now the best tank on earth is the T-14 Armata

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