World war 3 simulation – Who will win ww3


world war 3 simulation, who will win ww3 no one knows, this is a ww3 simulation map to annoy people haha. if you don’t like scenarios for war then explain why …


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  1. HALF BLOOD says:

    India will be with russia always

  2. Saif Asadi says:

    your biased towards the US

  3. Saif Asadi says:

    India, China, korea, and Japan will support Russia. also highlighting insignificant nations like eastern Europe and South America is useless.

  4. Madden Elite says:

    Brazil would support russia

  5. WTF why would UK and France overtake Germany?

  6. Buy I enjoyed the first scenario :3

  7. dong Charlie says:

    Shut up western can't control China

  8. Btw I feel that this video is very accurate and u r a pretty intelligent person✌?️

  9. Belarus are against Russia wtf?

  10. sim u lost ur subcriber amercia didnt help syria that was iraq im amercian we bombed syria and iraq

  11. You can tell a war is getting out of hand when the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea declare war on Russia.

  12. I swear Ted Cruz would start world war 3 because he said "we will nuke the Middle East until their sand glows" world war 3 would be a world wide nuclear war. I'm Mexican but trump can get along with China and Russia

  13. Arjun Chalke says:

    the middle east countries will face hell

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