World war 3 START? The Truth About World War I – The Hidden History


World war 3 START? The Truth About World War I – The Hidden History.


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  1. Bryan Cruz says:

    to anyone who believes world war 3 would ever happen, let me be the first to tell you that you are the most retarded humans to be alive today and i will tell you why. The United Nations was created after WW2 to prevent any more world wars from ever happening.
    The UN does this by having the legal authority to call upon all UN countries for military assistance.
    Since nobody can take on the world and win, nobody's ever started a Third World War. That's why there won't be a WW3 and why worrying about one is just plain stupid.
    Get over it and get on with your life. The truth is that the world is far different from the world 60 years ago.
    1) We have been through 2 world wars and the survivors of WW2 will make sure it won't happen. Face it! People in general do not want a war
    2) We are more intelligent and aware than before. There is likely to be a victim of nationalistic propaganda and democracy is in it's maximum today.
    3) The Gobal market has become like a world government where everyone is dependent on everyone for trade and economy. So messing things up will put the world economy down, people know this´╗┐

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