World War 3 Syria Crisis China Iran Russia iraq USA Saudia Arabia Turkey Israel ETC


World War 3 Syria Crisis China Iran Russia Iraq USA Saudia Arabia Jordan Turkey Israel and other countries Mixing Animal DNA Human DNA Breaking News …


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  1. Assad God with you and your ppl

  2. Syria and iraq was not land of the muslims… Before you terrorists came those lands were fertile and people used to farm there… You turn your children into terrorists upon first grasp of knowledge… Conscience is not taught in islam religion. If you would just go back into being arab christians you would no longer need to hate each other. Islam did not exist before the 7th century so you can free yourselves from the lie anytime. Recognize your arab christian saints and arab christian professors 

  3. doh1959 says:

    i see the religion of peace is acting in its peaceful way again

  4. Fuck turkey

    Fuck all sunny

  5. RAK FAHEM says:

    this  is one of the best documentary i'v seen  on youtube

  6. jeF Dede says:

    break the news, remember of Jenewa Convention.

  7. jeF Dede says:

    Osama is the person like a doll's USA,
    AL QAEDA is coward soldiers who want imperials the land,
    and the syiah and sunni is the rival foreva…

  8. Will 8888 says:

    Of course Russia is completely innocent. Putin is supplying arms to Assad to kill his own people. Typical RT propaganda. 

  9. Ps4 Films says:

    Who about this kill Syria or something to stop the war 

  10. Bryan Senger says:

    israel must attack iran, nothing else matters until this happens, then what happens afterwards will dictate whether man lives or dies across the planet, it is only a matter of time, israel right now is facing obama and a us military against them , israel will wait i figure until the us election to see obama out first, i not sure the september vote will agree to irans nuclear continuance and then that will entail a us attack on iran, jesus we are living in such a scary time to be on earth, probabely the most frightening times on earth in all times

  11. Ghazi Dahell says:

    iran occupying iraq , syria , yemen , and al ahwaz .
    iran support terrorism , and iran support zaionism 
    iran is the main problem , and the number one responsable for the deaths that's going on in middle east 
    iran execute sunnies in iran and there is no single mosque in taharn , not a single one , and if they know there is one they immediately blow it up , sometimes blow it up with people in , and every body know that 

    so whatever your point of view , whither its human rights watch of view , whither it is islamic , whither it is a western , or whatever it is your point of view , you can not disprove that facts up there 

    guess who finance iran with money ? mother fucking shia wealthy people in arabic gulf countries , they live in the same countries that they are against 

    personally ? shia should be killed for being hypocrites

  12. Zaza Aje says:

    yeahh,. finally u.s.a unite with al-qaeda !!
    the investors with their properties !
    so,.it is clearly that .allahuakbar was made by  u.s.a  !! lol

  13. Nima Jafari says:

    Iran and Russia is help Syria do'not USA help Syria ایران و روسیه اماده اند که به سوریه کمک کنند ولی امریکا فقط حرف کمک را می زند

  14. لعنة الله على كل ارهابي ومن ساند الارهابيين.
    All the terrorist and the supporters of them should be vanished.

  15. The more and more usa intervene in other counties,the worse things get. it shows the down fall of america is getting near.

  16. They are all being played, used to fight each other to death, wipe each other out, than the usa can come in and mop up the rest. indeed, right out of the texbook, why use our military when you can use stupid religious people. to do your dirty work for you.

  17. USA and Russia ; the puppeteers of the wars in the middle east . USA protecting ISIS and Russia supporting Bashar Al-Asad . and the innocent citizens are the victims . yet they are not in the Terrorism list . well played , well played enemies .

  18. chia like jewish before 2000 sult jewish went to iran the sults mari with iran king thay change real islam to shia is a jewish ruls relgean and poltican to control iland arpic

  19. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha Iran will fight against ISIS not Saudi because Saudi monkeyrabia is ISIS!

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