World War 3 – Syria Israel Golan Escalation – US Russia Conflict – Fate Damascus – Assad Putin – WW3


If Assad uses Tishreen missiles against Israel . . . Israel will go completely ballistic . . . ( Understand ) Russia Hezbollah Israel Syria USA Iran Connection ‘ The …


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  1. really..rat face ,,just saying,,,fucking dog

  2. did i forget to say?ammmmmmm,ho yes,,jews are rats

  3. Shia promote tolerance and peace and accepting other religions, look at Al Shabaab, Taliban, Al Qaida, all are sunni. Sunnis must learn to move away from this extremism. In truth though, prophet Mohammed said there is no divided Islam, you are just muslim, so why do you speak such primitive savagery and call dividing islam even more so the imperialists can laugh at us as we kill eachother huh? You are playing into their hands.

  4. PEREXUSREX says:

    It is true extremists are giving the Muslim faith a bad name and making people fear Muslims – the truth is Muslims are good and kind people . . .

  5. PEREXUSREX says:

    I believe that you reap what you sow . . .

  6. AllLies Lies says:

    why are you so dumb? believing in what you want is all besides the point, but unless you know the facts just shhhhh…. Have you been to middle east? do you understand the land of what is now isreal and Gaza, given to jewish people in 1947. Why hate? your just a bigot that does not understand anything so speaks hatred. Just what the fed. wants .. Divide and conquer. N e ways dont worry about anywhere but here right now because we have lost all of our rights already, and just dont know it yet

  7. PEREXUSREX says:

    They have big bombs unfortunately – they are also completely paranoid which makes them dangerous and difficult to talk any sense to . . . 🙂

  8. I can't wait till the whole world turns against Israel. They have infiltrated every government on this earth, except the asian countries. They have blackmailed every politician with money and power. They use every country for its own benefit. I don't had Jews, they are the ones that were hijacked by the Zionists in power all over the world. Its the Zionists that are doing this not the Jews but it so happens that many of the Zionists are Jews. The Israeli government are criminals and atheists.

  9. The 200 million strong army surrounding Jerusalem sounds like its the Chinese. Their womens army by itself is 300 million.

  10. PEREXUSREX says:

    I think that the army will be a mix of many nations . . .

  11. 1JDCOKE says:

    Looks as if we have a Nazi Anti-Semitic buttwipe on Youtube, everyone flag down his post and report his killing hating post..

    His Youtube name is Jeff Roache, he lives in Sacramento Cali..

    Jeffey the Cock Roache..

  12. 1JDCOKE says:

    It was Washington DC

  13. Paul Jones says:

    Netanyahu ought to be hanged for war crimes along with his fellow Zionist pigs. Destroy Israel s weaponry and make the area free of the bastards. Sink their subs and surface navy. Bomb their tanks. Make Israel look like Dresden in 1945.

  14. Anti-Semite, not cool.

  15. Muslim pigs+muhammadpigs=allahpig

  16. no man muslim dosent eat pigs hhh

    americain and jewich = pigs

  17. ron lea says:

    Americans are dumb fuck anyways,the Zionists have them so fucking brain washed through religion they send there kids to die over them,thank god hehehehe,i am atheist totally and know for a fact there is no fucking GOD,DOG,and there was no JESUS or Heaven or after life,noing that i would never alow my kids to be used by these cuty fuckersJews Christians are just one big fucking CULT……….

  18. Joe X says:

    Jewish pigs + Abraham pigs = Israeli pigs

  19. terrorists are bitches. they don't know about religious faith. they are mind washed by the Muslim leaders who want the power on their region.

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