World War 3 : Terror Attack in the Heart of Europe is a prelude to Global War (Mar 22, 2016)


News : Defense Minister : This is the Third World War http : // www . to Brussels laughed off …


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  1. iz413 says:

    You need more videos I'm starting to loose hope

  2. cjpwi says:

    Islam is a dangerous religion.

  3. Bomb goes off at 9:11 on 3/22 they were also 6 miles apart

  4. Lisa Kovacs says:

    I have faith ,but do not go to church, I love my savior, but y'all seem to know so much. I need to go to church. I love my savior, but in my faith, you have to be baptized to be saved. I was raised church of Christ, my dad was Methodist, and my husband is Catholic, I believe in heaven and hell, just ???

  5. Ban islam from planet earth.

  6. wayne evans says:

    Don't be surprised if we see this carnage quickly followed by another similar attack elsewhere in Europe or America or both. This and the likes of what we are seeing at the Trump rallies is part of the chaos the illuminati creating to impose marshal law.

  7. ISIS is trying to draw us into war. The strategy of Osama Bin Laden was to draw us into endless war in order to defeat us by bankrupting our Country. We are stronger by not getting engaged. We need to protect our homeland by staying in the home land.

  8. Coinciding with a full moon, and a lunar eclipse, occurred on 3/22, apparently around 9:11 am, 30 reported dead at the moment…pretty spooky…

  9. texxylady says:

    can't believe my ears, i just heard Juan Williams on Fox news refer to Obama as the "good shepherd" that's blasphemy! he is the hireling, the foolish shepherd!

  10. This proves that time is running out. May God be with you all.

  11. Jesus hide us from the destruction to come.
    Thy will be ✔ done

  12. it is all going occurding to their plans

  13. John Wise says:

    Albert Pike's, three world wars,third happening now!!!!

  14. all these dang murders and bombings after bombing killing innocent people by muslims, but us Christians get banned from everything and get blamed for hate just because we preach the gospel of truth ?? we are not the ones bombing people

  15. even so come lord Jesus come

  16. Aq Zing says:

    Muslim countries arent even accepting their own muslim refugees. Europeans are so silly

  17. All in all God the Father is in control and can do whatever he wants however he wants to do it. There is no man woman or angel that can tell him to start or stop something. We all want evil to end and redemption to come but it will come when it pleases God. It is logical to fear God because he can literally do whatever he wants. Such a warrior as God is worthy of worship.. Terrifying power. All forces of good and evil are at his disposal.

  18. Lot of Atheist in Brussels …time to bow to Jesus Christ and pray ???

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