World War 3 (The 2nd American Revolution)


WW3 has erupted and the United States finds himself under siege and on the verge of collapse . It is up to the Americans stuck behind enemy lines to make war on the …


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  1. Lee Miller says:

    really? china? they wouldnt make it across the pacific

  2. Miike Hunt says:

    I'd be more worried about your own government.

  3. samurisuck says:

    Wow…i should probably turn on the news sometime or read the paper…didnt know this was going on…

  4. Emilio nemo says:

    You got heavy freedom believers here in Canada willing to fight to the death for our family, country and fellow citizens. Just don't leave us hanging out there if this does happen, we will keep them burning to show you we're still kicking.

  5. LOL I love that warning 

    "WARNING Graphic footage and animated violence. Not intended for children, COMMUNISTS and the easily offended." xD 

  6. JOEL00111 says:

    The wealthy are mankinds enemy

  7. time to accept Jesus now

  8. Such a "touchy" subject, it is damn near impossible to express my beliefs and/or feelings due to the fact that every attempt has fell somewhat short in my opinion.

  9. I wish a motherfucker would 

  10. Jake Rossi says:

    I'm 13 and want to join some sort of group to protect myself and other citizens my phone number is 6147467228 I will talk more there I will say more there thanks everyone God bless 

  11. Who made this film? Excellent!

  12. Stephen Rowe says:

    I've seen in this one that you know your history. At 1:21 you mention the militia as being part of the military forces. Not many people know ( though over the years I've seen an greater awakening) that the militia was a key part of the defense of this country(and should be again).

  13. Stephen Rowe says:

    Btw, you've done an excellent job in creating these videos. Since following you in 2010, your videos have increased in excellence and creativity. Keep it up!

  14. Stephen Rowe says:

    You're welcome. ??

  15. Alex Munter says:

    What movie clips did you use they look good. Great content keep it up!

  16. TreachC says:

    Just like a politician. All talk.

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