World War 3 : The Beast to arm Ukraine as the Russian Bear mobilizes 100,000 troops (Feb 02, 2015)


SOURCE: News : Ukraine rebels vow to increase army of 100,000 troops to fight government forces …


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  1. sheikh hamad says:

    western russo war + collapse of the dollar + fall of european union = rise of islamic empire from china borders to europe 

  2. eddivision15 says:

    They will say Peace when there is no Peace!

  3. WORLD WAR 3 Was Planned years ago by Albert Pike 33 rd degree Freemason.
    Thanks for the video.

  4. wiredwardy says:

    It's coming…WW3 before the years out. Putin would see Russia burn before backing down 

  5. iyare ernest says:

    Please well don't need world war 3 now we still young die 

  6. Ray Zoshler says:

    75% of Ukraine map is Now NEW RUSSIA 25% more to GO in 2 week Ukraine name will be out of Global Slava BRATAM Lets finish up

  7. JPLMONEY23 says:

    When it's too late….it's really too late….but you still got time to think about your salvation….don't take this lightly…..the world can't save you…..but Jesus can.

  8. TASSOS512 says:

    Russia is doing what is right….

  9. Crazy J says:

    Can't we all just be friends?

  10. Crazy J says:

    Please, no ww3 yet, the Earth still has some years left in her

  11. bart hill says:

    Anti NWO Russia is going to destroy the US.

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