World War 3: The Board Game by Pajara Games


Pajara Games of Toronto releases its first strategy board game, a World War 3 simulation set in 2027. With an economic/industrial model, game currency, …


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  1. And Hungary.
    People always forget Hungary -_-

  2. Bright3tar says:

    15 years from today? well i guess its 1-2 years from now starting 2013

  3. PoYo MaRiO says:

    Brazil as a world potency?!? You yankees are crazy!

  4. RussianVids says:

    Al least there's no nukes

  5. Mrki Mash says:


  6. deivison333 says:

    Are u retartded? ofc Brazil is a potence

  7. PoYo MaRiO says:

    Guess you're not south-american, aren't ya?

  8. kristjan505 says:

    Yeah tell me about it.They always forget smaller countries even mine (Slovenia)…. go play supreme ruler 2020 😉

  9. FantikCA says:

    is that like risiko ? or complexer?

  10. This game looks really shitty

  11. "We can't hold off both attacks at once!" Bull motherfuckin' shit we can't women! Get you ass back in the kitchen and stop telling me what I caaan and caaan not do!

  12. IlordiN - says:

    Mano, ele é argentino, então nem liga …

  13. ODST-2342 says:

    Where i can buy this game?

  14. eeta1 says:

    Jebem ti majku Hrvatska i Bosna nisu srbija

  15. Team NBP says:

    +Bright3tar Well, you said one or two years… WW3 is starting

  16. Japan the 4th largest economy and has twice the size of English Navy is a non-factor. Great.

  17. Caty the Cat says:

    so sweden will leave eu

  18. uceram uzguz says:

    this game is bullshit simply because of 1:24

  19. Derek Park says:

    This game is bullshit because it didn't even correctly calculate any economic ability of one's country and US failed to notice Chinese fleet until it reached at west coast of USA. Also, geopolitics and incorrect geography was used. Putting North and South Korea in to one mass was stupid, and the worst of all, putting bunch of countries into one region. 

    PS: It listed the entire Southeast Asia as Malaysia. 

    PPS: No inland seas

    PPPS: South Korea is richer than Turkey but in the game, it shows Turkey had better economic production than entire North and South Korea COMBINED.

    PPPPS: Where are the neutral countries?

    PPPPPS: Eastern Europe, Sweden, and Finland is EU

    PPPPPPS: You listed Spain, Portugal, and Andorra as "France"

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