World War 3 (The Colonies)


Humanity expands beyond the Earth in a race to take advantage of the unlimited resources of space . The war erupts on Earth and that the war is soon on his way to the colonies .


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  1. Yes, half of the AJISA in this video is private run and funded.

  2. Peace on Earth? One day. In my lifetime? Not likely.

  3. motownflame says:

    There is nothing out there besides the billions of other planets and most likely alien life….or how about resources on empty planets even in our own solar system? Please think before you talk jesus nonsense.

  4. When was the last time you heard anyone say " Mr. Obama " ?

  5. why use red faction galleria

  6. Blackrew says:

    I liked this a lot.

  7. I hope that the actual future would be different.

  8. made in china story lasts less than 6 months russia and usa will be with india u will be alone.
    See russia and usa combined to take out hitler.
    So next one to be eliminated is china by combined allies of USA RUSSIA INDIA JAPAN AND NATO
    The war will be over in earth itself.
    india and us has top secret EMP and electronic weapons it can fry your entire army overnight 
    It will set your country back to stone age.
    What will you do then dream about getting facebook instead of conquering US colony in jupiter LOL IDIOTS

  9. Sean Wilson says:

    Bill gates is cool and if he dies I'm going to tell the government to give every person in the world 2 dollars.

  10. "Nukes in space" headline…    nukes don't work in space

  11. This was a very interesting take on a third human civil war, and oddly inspiring. Amazing work!

  12. jack hunter says:

    the future will be great …the great thing about it ..humans wont be here …heheaaaa…yup

  13. The part where man set aside its differences to colonize space made me cry.

  14. Jose Jimenez says:

    That's great humans banding together to go father into space. But the sad thing is we are greedy. we want more and more territory.

  15. Josh Tamargo says:

    space elevator?? you mind space lift!!

  16. >EU existing in 2029
    >top kek yo

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