WORLD WAR 3: The documentary – Part 3: Scientific Genocide 2012



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  1. So many facts, so little time…. We must all be strong !!

  2. how come that Alex Jones don't say who is the eye in the piramide " the Jesuits & the Vatican " becose he is working for them ?

  3. pacman packs says:

    He does talk about all of these families and lodges on his show. The most important thing is WHO "they" are, so find and watch the clip on youtube called: " Who Rule The World? The New World Order Global NAZI Elite Does"

  4. SS SS says:

    Thank you man, greetings from Serbia. Thank you very much. Honestly.

  5. B5az5 says:

    Power to the people, that's all there is to it, we have the power and together we'll stop these arse wipes in their tracks. For a start if they want less people, lets see them put their hands up to be taken out and the poison they're putting in our foods, make them eat it first. They want war, well they can go into battle against each other first. When we do this everyone will see just how disgusting these people are and how big a cowards they are. Wake up people say NO to these creeps.

  6. Jack Kass says:

    now 7 billion people on earth from onmly 3 B 3 or 4 devages ago is that not a populationBOMB! estimates of world popumation to go to 25 biillion in 100 years KA_FUKN BOOM!!!!!Taepley offthe deeep end on this one

  7. from "Predicting World War III"
    by Jeff Nyquist

    "Soviet ambitions towards the United States
    were aimed at the extinction of Capitalism and the
    ‘socialization’ of America…. The main strategic goals
    on the road to their fulfillment were: the withdrawal of the U.S.A.
    from Europe and Asia; the removal of Latin America from the United States’
    sphere of influence and its incorporation into the
    Socialist bloc; the destruction of United States
    influence in the developing world; the reduction
    of American military power to a state of inferiority;
    the advent to power in Washington of a transitional
    liberal and progressive government; and the collapse
    of the American economy. (Italicised)

    Before a missile can be launched the U.S.
    political system will be infiltrated (see the work of Trevor Loudon)
    and the U.S. economy will be sabotaged (see the work of Kevin Freeman).

    We can also see there is no reason to
    attack the United States with nuclear weapons
    until most or all of these goals have been reached.

    For once these goals are accomplished
    the United States will be “ready for the oven.”

    In essence, the country will be disarmed and isolated.

    It will only be a matter of time before the country
    wakes up and attempts to change course.

    This is when Russia’s nuclear weapons
    prove useful (Italicised).

    That is when you should expect a war to start."

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