World War 3 : The Doomsday Clock ticks again moving 3 minutes till Midnight (Jan 23, 2015)


News : Doomsday Clock reads 11:57 : the Atomic Scientists to move the minute hand two minutes forward – and say that we are at the point closest to the disaster in decades …


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  1. lukas adam says:

    What is a doomsday clock? Am i missing out on something?

  2. Jill 4Jesus says:

    Watch September 23, 2015 – Day of Atonement…

  3. Personally I'll go by the timeline of the bible and not a man made countdown.

  4. What?!?!  …so the "Doomsday Clock" is a literal thing???  I saw someone mention it yesterday in a comment, but I thought they were speaking figuratively!  So strange!  WHY on earth do they have THAT???

  5. Rapture POTENTIAL Year 2015 .. Sept.. and the end of the Dollar,

  6. Dana Jones says:

    Know Jesus…..Know Peace
    No Jesus….No Peace

  7. Will LaForme says:

    America should isolate itself.

  8. It should be at 11:59 and 55 sec, we're that close. I believe this is the year that we're going home folks. Time is about up!!

  9. Joseph Rain says:

    I didn't know they've been keeping track like this.

  10. reebok3d says:

    this is to keep people in fear!

    and unfortunately, its working…

  11. Rev55 says:

    Liberal propaganda to push more taxes related "global warming",
    And gun grabbing.

  12. paul treick says:

    They are almost right for all the wrong reasons!

  13. Oh So this is where 11:59 comes from…..

  14. Raz Black says:

    yet, they don't give any specific reason.. just generalizations.  It's obvious they "want" this to happen.

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