World War 3 The Movie Part 1 of 10


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  1. end times says:

    we are nothing in the eyes of the elite. They don't care how many the bomb kills, they will be hidden and will begin the world over again. to the way they like it to be

  2. I would like to have all music as mp3

  3. coolnilk says:

    Pretty good movie.

  4. Kelly14UK says:

    I've seen this twice. That's how good it is.

  5. I seen this film many times. Can I get this on DVD? Preferably in English.

  6. 46619TAB says:

    WWIII will begin in the Middle East over oil. Look for it to begin in 2017 or 2018 IF the GOP retains the US Senate and House and gains control of the White House in the 2016 elections.

  7. glitch4465 says:

    What does the commands mean they are saying in the NORAD headquarters at the beginning? Things like quick alert, missile event and "the something is in the system"?

  8. See the full movie on my channel!

  9. thatguy22441 says:

    Our dependence on foreign oil will eventually be our undoing.  Our energy demands have created some nasty foreign entanglements.

  10. Ricky Brough says:

    it is so real. if a person too young to remember that era was to see this they would be wondering how they missed it history class. thankx sebastion

  11. wcatholic1 says:

    What might have been…

  12. thomas price says:

    Gorbachev will go down as a pretty cool cat. The man most responsible for the end of the Cold War. 

  13. Isiah Taylor says:

    An awesome documentary of something that never was. (WHEWWWW!!!!)

  14. wavygr says:

    2:30 why would you stand in front of white house at start of WW3/ I think i would get as far away from DC as I could. Then if it full war i guess i would like to go first.

  15. wavygr says:

    "Gotta go out and get them Reds  the only good Commie is one that's dead". Country Joe McDonald.

  16. We are poor, and the revelations that come to us is to do crime, and this may be right, because the rich are too stiff necked, and we all have to fight each other

  17. Ken Havens says:

    LOL….Gorby resigns in this alternate universe.

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