World War 3 The Movie Part 3 of 10





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  1. StealthSnipe says:

    (When the soviets stand on guard)
    Me:You suck!!!

  2. I was in Junior High during this time.  I remember our Social Studies teacher telling us that the fall of the Iron Curtain was a major historical event, even if we didn't realize it at the time.  The obvious POD here is the hard line coup against Gorbachev after Hungary opened their western border with Austria and before the Berlin Wall came down.  I do believe our teacher was right; we had no idea how volatile that time was and I am grateful to be alive today.

  3. One question I have: How are all these people commenting on the events that led to World War 3 if everyone was obliterated in the nuclear exchange?

  4. First saw this movie in History class in 1997, loved it ever since

  5. hyperkid321 says:

    6:43 c'mon at least try to pull off a german accent

  6. How many Palestinians are gunned down near the wall? It's the only wall I know.

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