World War 3 (The Pacific Front)


As China increases in the Pacific Allies ( the United States , India , Australia , etc. ) attempt to encircle and counter the ‘ hegemony , but war broke out in Pacific and soon …


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  1. DexterzPlace says:

    what is the colonies the story keeps talking about?

  2. the US should launch a total nuclear strike on China right now in 2015. Preempt any of this from happening . Sounds like China wants to kill everybody, we should simply kill them all now.

  3. Your battle of Taiwan is not realistic, nor the invasion of japan. Taiwan has nuclear defensive capability. Japan has nuclear defensive capability. Australia has nuclear defensive capability. You dont realize the US right now has thousands of undersea anti ship drones by 2055 millions, China wont be able to leave port. The odds of China remaining a single entity until 2055 is probably 13%. China built 60 million empty housing units 2014, 60% of all groundwater is contaminated with benzene resulting in a sick and handicapped populace. this constant process of destruction will reduce their manufacturing capacity to fraction of current levels by 2055. China is declining.

  4. Cody Maranto says:

    I like the idea but there is virtually no way in hell the Chinese could ever destroy the entire pacific fleet especially our massive carrier presence even in 40 years. 

  5. Anonymus Guy says:

    Even if China does invade Australia the would be heroic acts and resistance fighters and especially patriotic act's against the Chinese empire

  6. Erlang Shen says:

    japs kill whales

  7. PPPOOOFJJD says:

    history repeats itself…always

  8. If I was a australian soldier I would keep fighting until I'm dead

  9. Alex Munter says:

    Tommorow the day the war began was the movie used for some of the clips right?

  10. Tyron Smith says:

    Australian politicians meaning what they say? Yeah we've heard that before.

  11. 000 poco777 says:

    i was only 19 preformed by red gum

  12. Why are Australians saying allahu akbar lol

  13. Angus1966 says:

    Get back to work u wage slaves in debt , an pay yer fine an shut up .

  14. The Citizens of Australia were dis-arm by there Liberal Government, a un-arm nation will fall to a enemy invaders in a attack, the same plan is for the American people to be dis-arm this plan must be stop, some day the citizens will need there arms to help stop a invading enemy from taking this Nation down,

  15. Russian UFO says:

    you think china is alone ? oh no
    3,south africa
    4,north korea
    8,middel eastern

  16. I am austrlian and i would rather die on my feet than beg for safety from another country. Now do you really think after all these years that it would be russia china and there allies versing the Pacific and america and Canada. your dead wrong, so so wrong the british owe us big time not only that we are tied with them they wouldnt let us fall otherwise they would lose us as allies and when the brits joined other countries like France and germany and other countries would join otherwise after the pacific and América are gone russia eastern countries and china have more resources most likely we all be slaves cause why not we arent there people. those countries can turn to Europe and say your next.

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