World War 3 (The Second Chinese Golden Age)


As America declines, other powers rise to replace it. China the most important of these powers, sets into motion a plan. A plan to dominate the world and usher in …


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  1. Elmer Fox says:

    Dont feel bad, satan will decieve the whole world

  2. RapeFace says:

    in 20 years time china will blow are military out of the water just imagine the u.s in there industrial revolution with super computers and satellites thats china today imagine 20 years from now

  3. Yes, the future will be a much different place then the one were in.

  4. RapeFace says:

    yeah most people dont realize that chinas going through their industrial revolutin now which sounds like they are backwards but they have modern technology avalible to them where we did not have computers and such in the 19th and early 20th century meaning they will advance further quicker than we were able to

  5. Elmer Fox says:

    Your dreaming, The reason everythings is cheaper from china is because the labor is less expensive, most of those people live very primitive, Americans can not do that because of the cost of living here in this great country of ours, unless we live like they do so the manufactures and the goverment can take all the capital gains, which looks like they are going to get that anyway. In China if you cut your hand off at work, pick it up and take it weith you, because ur fired.

  6. Elmer Fox says:

    Here in america companies have to have workmans comp and that is expensive. all factures like this have to be considered as operating capitol. It is not like that in China. Beside this is bigger than me and you or them and us. Things are lining up scripturely, Im no prophet but Im not blind either. If you beleive in God he can show you through his word exactly what I mean. Sorry if I affend you, not trying to make friends someones eyes might be opened if not yours, 

  7. Elmer Fox says:

    Then tell me how is it that they can make everything so much cheaper including shipping it over sea's. than I can get it done for right in my own state. Oh im sorry, you did say that it was improving over there. And they are bringing mexico over hear because of cheaper labor

  8. They will get to the point they wont need us.

  9. I'm from Mexico and your grammar sucks, you should feel ashamed, and to your question because the state partially pays for social expenses (like the US did before Reagan), and also pay for a part of all national industry lowering all costs of national production.

  10. Elmer Fox says:

    Then why has the vast majority of the manufacturing left the Usa. and went to China and Mexico. Materials are going to cost what they are going to cost, the only thing any manufacture has any control over us labor.

  11. Yhamilitz says:

    Today China owns USA by the debt, but USA owns China for the trade and manufacturing. Also China have a low birth rate, as the native USA people. the real next superpowers to rise will be Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, and India.

  12. Ludwig Bayer says:

    So you think let in all the Asians is better? Lol that would be what kills the USA XD
    All white countries will die this century if we do nothing against it. Europe is flooded by millions of muslims and Africans, and all to be political correct. What do we want, über-tolerance or self-preservation?

  13. Mr.Sauce says:

    This sim is great butit would be the opposite. If US stoped trade with china, china would be fucked and i they wwnt to war china would be fucked too. The US is the kind of place where the only way you can become better is to kill us all. "Nobody can beat the best at its own game" 

  14. Peacekeeper, I've been a big fan for a few years. A few years ago I was looking for  WW3 films and found "The Pacific Front" and have been a fan since. Thanks for the vids. Been real fun watching them. I've seen them all a bunch of times. The Second Chinese Golden Age is my favorite.

  15. Hi i love your videos and the story but can you give us more info on india and china    like their economy and military can you tell me about indias rise

  16. I love your videos! The story line, videos and music are so great and it feels so real!
    I'm curious to ask where you got the voices of the narrators, especially the Chinese and Indian ones, because I can't find anything like them. Thanks! :)

  17. ramsofts says:

    Good Videos , You know the Tamil Tigers from Tamilnadu will Defened the India at any cost , We can make our self as a Black tiger to Defend the India. China or Rest of the world can't Conquer the India unless Last Tamilan and Punjabi's Die.

  18. Thanks for the videos. Best to prepare and be ready. 40 years to go.

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