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  1. RTH says:

    Most nuclear explosion videos look bogus

  2. frozen auna says:

    Richiefromboston do you have You Tube Red? There is an original movie that just came out titled "The Thinning". It's about global warming and how the gov depopulates to make enough room for the people.

  3. Guitar says:

    thanks for the information and reminding us to stay focused Richie.

  4. MIKE BARKETT says:

    let the fireworks begin, the States will lose

  5. They have everyone thinking it is Russia and China. The proof has shown itself in many little ways and it gets very little time. We have our troops spread thin an all over the globe. OUR country is extremely vulnerable and our border patrol has their hands tied and mouth sealed shut.
    We have funded them and in many ways, they have taken our soldiers captive and MILLIONS of our own people applauded them. They have more distractions while destroying anything and everything they want while literally given OUR nuclear weapons…
    we will soon become the UNITED STATES OF IRAN!!

  6. tehy hehy says:

    would be funny if most of u died from a nuclear war, because those illuminati jews and masons they dont care about u , for them ur just peasants , brainless mutants

  7. ALLEN says:

    …almost sounds like the US is lying about going to attack
    Russia in any way….only trying to make our own population think that they are
    taking retaliatory "strong measures"…..almost as if both Russia and
    the USA are coordinating a war/ confrontation that does not exist period….bu
    why?.. Here is why, the take down of the USA…the USA leadership has already
    sold us out…..they only now need a enemy to surrender to in order to bring
    the US in total subjugation to the UN and get rid of all those "rights"
    that none of those other countries have …..since there will be a war and the
    US will have lost and the same folks that have already sold us out will
    "surrender" the national sovereignty to the victor (along with a
    short civil war for the patriots who will not go along with the fact that we
    lost the war) and "naturally" all brokered by the UN then the
    constitution will have no more legal status period……..thus demoralizing
    many if not most of the "patriots" left and giving "everyone"
    the legal excuse to accept foreign and UN occupation troops with absolute
    submission……maybe only a few million will have to die in a limited
    "coordinated" nuclear exchange and or EMP……use your
    imagination……the biggest threat to the NWO is the constitution but they
    have to kill it as an idea not just amend the laws the only way to do that is
    to make it legally void by loosing a war in which there will have to be a
    "unconditional surrender"…but don't worry the criminal politicians
    and the industrial elite that have sold us out o the NWO already will come out
    of their bunkers safe and secure to sign the UN brokered peace treaty that they
    have already written up to put an end to Americans suffering…………The war
    is already scripted…and the outcome planed………..this answers alot of
    questions and would solve alot of "legal" and psyop issues with the
    whole NWO complete take over and take down of the constitution that they know
    cannot be done as long as it is still a viable legal instrument in the minds of
    the public, junior military as well as the "patriots" who are left
    afterward ….Just like the Japaneses and German "patriots"with all
    their national pride had to accept the terms after they lost the
    war……………i think this whole thing is a sell out and set up by the
    globalist …….. BUT THIS IS JUST A THEORY…….it is how i would do it…

  8. How to go to Heaven:
    [pre|post-rapture salvation]

  9. Johnny D says:

    it's going to be an EMP strike our grid is the most vulnerable part of our infrastructure and it will be hit ,telling us terrorist in a cave did it wouldn't work ,but telling us a nation state did it would

  10. Johnny D says:

    it's going to be an EMP strike our grid is the most vulnerable part of our infrastructure and it will be hit ,telling us terrorist in a cave did it wouldn't work ,but telling us a nation state did it would

  11. It's been great watching your videos Richie. I have to take some time off from the internet now, so I can go dig a hole to die in. To me, war is the ultimate failure…and we all know the criminal globalists we've had in government now probably have their new digs on Mars ready, so they can blow this popsicle stand.

  12. No war yet, there is much more than needs to come to pass before that time comes and we are just now in the birth pains.

  13. Good report……we are very close.

  14. Holy Breeze says:

    love from the UK to you all.

  15. if i had religion i would say see you on the flip side ,so i wont

  16. G-man says:

    All this is a distraction believe it or not. If you're not with Jesus now or even if you are you need to get right with him now & I mean now.Repent your sins & put all your focus on him. He runs this world & calls the shots when he's coming back. Ignore everything & get your oil, he's coming a lot sooner than you think

  17. All wars are between jew and Gentile. Jews fight by proxy and get Gentiles to kill Gentiles.

  18. I don't know about you, but I don't think there is a bomb shelter in my town, unless maybe one of the schools. I doubt we're going to have any warning anyway when they drop them.

  19. jay brown says:

    More like death con.

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