World War 3: the unthinkable cost of preserving the petrodollar


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  1. heyhey1956 . says:

    Also look this site up:::The First Jesuit Pope-Religious Matrix:::Where it states "Which brings us to Jesuit groomed Barack Obama whose mentor Gregory Galluzo is a Jesuit Priest recent U.S Presidents have all been heavily influenced if not controlled by the Vatican. Note: this has been the status quo since the Reagan administration, which audaciously opened diplomatic relations with the Vatican on Jan 10 1984" The Jesuits has everybody blaming the Jews, when they're the actual puppet masters!

  2. heyhey1956 . says:

    Have you ever read the information that's on this site:::The Rothschild Bloodline-The Forbidden Knowledge:::I understand what you're saying about the Jews from what I understand is the fact that the Jesuits wanted to build the 3rd Solomon's Temple on the Temple Mount, another person people should be very aware of is this fellow on this site:::Zbigniew Brzezinski Evil Spirit of 5 US Presidents-And Biggest Threat to World Peace!

  3. heyhey1956 . says:

    I agree with what you're saying about Jews you only have to watch this Y/T video:::Insolent Israel: Ken O'Keefe:::to realize they're are the lowest of the low scumbags, have you ever looked at this site:::Sinister Sites-Israel Supreme Court:::Which is just full of occultist symbols all designed and paid for by the owners of Israel, the Rothschild family have you ever looked at:::Timeline of the Rothschild family:::Where it says The Rothschilds say they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars.

  4. Well if you wanted to keep your people rich, and safe would you not do the same?

  5. awhitecouple says:

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    BRICS countries lead global capital flight-report
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    BRICS – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Cached
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    Can the BRICS Have Their Own World Bank? – Businessweek   Cached
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  6. [C5]Dust says:

    More people need to see this.

  7. Hugh Jass says:

    Let the damn oil barons, bankers, and politicians risk their own damn lives for the war.

  8. NaabKing says:

    100 000+ views and no comments? :)

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