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In World War 3 , which are the three groups that Glenn believes will struggle for control ? The caliphate , controllers , and survivors .


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  1. Pseudo Nym says:

    No, you have a right to speak. But no one is obligated to listen.

  2. listening this idiot waste of time

  3. francis m says:

    Weeeeeell, I have a twelve inch dong so I don't care about any of this.

  4. buildthefarm says:

    oh glenn you have mistaken the rapture for the pre tribulation rapture. im thinking your probably a post trib guy. that means that Jesus is only coming back once kina like the Bible says. Jesus comes when all hells broke loose and the dead in Christ rise and those still living meet him in the air then the world is judged and so on. thats the rapture. the everybody disappear pre persecution idea is the pre trib rapture concept and its quite a stretch. but most are raised as i was to think that

  5. TheRuhel501 says:

    What about the Jews. Heads of fascism me thinks

  6. mfanto1 says:

    think there is enough nukes and nerve toxin to take us all out 100% just hope im right in the blast and not in the burn your face off and die 10 years later with cancer coming out of your ears zone

  7. realcity514 says:

    if america loses the war, we are going to nuke the hell out of all the middle east, russia, and china


  8. Andy Brooks says:

    Sorry Glen, your fantasy of chaos and war will never come true. yup you still suck.

  9. tweed187187 says:

    Seek Jesus Christ and live not of this evil world.fear is of the devil and this wicked world is about to feel the wrath of God.repent now people and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before it's too late.he is about to come for his people,dont get left behind.

  10. Puppy Foot says:

    Impressionable people will buy it.. but a few years after none of what he says comes true you will feel like a dunce for buying into it. There have been situations like this in the past that have always caused people to think that ww3 is coming and hell is coming with it. We lived in fear of that during the cold war, and there were plenty of people fear mongering that too. If you want to get biblical no one knows when Christ will return and there will be many false prophets saying they know

  11. Buy A GUN and Buy A Good ONE, load up its coming!

  12. Baki Bakioss says:

    just bullshit !! i m arab  muslim and sunite !! there is nothing in islam  mention about the coming of  jesus christ"peace be upon hime" !!
    and nothing about the world war 3 "armagedon"
    just the jews peole believe in it !! and some christian too !!
    but in islam nothing!!
    you wanna be sure ?
    read the Quran !! if you find anything about ! i will be an atheist !! cuz our religion is not for violence

  13. Do you not mislead the none believers, manipulate them bcuz the true goal is the world religion of islam, and clearly the videos were lies right? Are tgey not leaders in your respected country's ( jajajajja sarcasm ) I dont buy your religion of peace! You can peddle that to someone that gives a damn! I dont!! Have a great day! :)

  14. The only way for Europe to stop them completely is to stop muslim immigration, ban islam, expel those who won't convert to Christianity, and militarize their borders. Their liberal politicians created this problem and now they are desperate to solve it quick. Nuclear weapons or Super-FAE non-nuclear/nuclear-range weapons will be the most obvious tactical and strategic choice.

  15. i a muslim living in the middle east and it seems that you dont know anything about islam you are just trying to MISLEAD YOUR AUDIENCE all what you say is MISGUIDING

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