World War 3 this Summer 2015 Russia prepares for War USA Nuclear War


Russia prepares for war USA this is the scenario of World War 3 When Russia launched a global war against the United States and against the world …


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  1. There are always these retards quoting random vague phrases from the bible…

  2. Who caret China and Russia does after all if america can have bases all over the world why not them.

  3. Ken Krause says:

    no war, just rumors

  4. moltitrader says:

    summers gone and it's October 2015.
    NO WW3


  5. The war mongering U.S government has been pissing in the worlds face for several decades and the Russians appear to have had enough. So has many Americans.
    The Russians realize that the U.S and it's allies is systematically attempting to destroy Russia's allies one at a time. The U.S government should get it's nose out of the worlds rectum and mind it's own business. The alternative could be billions dead.

  6. Galaxy Tab says:

    Didn't the us try a dummy bomb raid 50 miles away from the Korean border, Russia and China are no longer communists, what is the problem with the USA, they like having enemies, they want the rest of the world to be like them, it's like the Nazi's, everyone must be like the USA.
    look what happened then

  7. Lisa Muller says:

    Blame this all on Obama, as he sat in silence and did nothing to stop ISIS. He supports ISIS because he's a Muslim. A corrupt Muslim. Not all Muslim's are bad, just the ones who kill Christians. So glad Russia is doing something. We need to protect Israel. If Israel falls, the end of the world will be here too. May God bless the world.

  8. Yohanan Levi says:

    Very interesting infomercial.But next time can you edit the video and get rid of the stupid background music?Dear whatever, is so annoying!!!What were you thinking?

  9. US propaganda machine at it`s best :-)

  10. detcord1 says:

    Well conspiracy morons, do you feel like dumbasses yet, or do you just make another video called 'WW3 2016'?

  11. Muckan42 says:

    What they didn't tell you in the video, USA kept up the nuclear flights buzzing Russian airspace while Russia stopped. So who is the aggressor?? ( the answer is the USA btw)

  12. Don't believe anything on cnn or fox.

  13. I am getting blacks ops 3 and world at war 3 break out swear to god I run to Russia I throw a nuclear that destroys the whole country

  14. Greetings, The son of lawlessness is revealed as the mysteries of the Gospel has been revealed….. The son of destruction is revealed….. There is a way seems righteous but at the end is death. Leaders like Adolf Hitler practices necromancy ….. Your negative thinking makes you pregnant of children of destruction . Proveb14:5 says a faithful witness does not lie but a false witness breathe out lies….. Please visit 7colombians,….. Read the Bible and pray daily. Thank you.

  15. fallout 4 is going to become ture

  16. Azidkid says:

    To stop Russia all we need to do is to pump millions of barrels of oil per day out of all of the lands Obama has put off limits. The price of oil would fall below $35.00 a barrel and Russia would have no income from oil, its only source. Russia would go bankrupt in just a few years and their country would collapse. They would barely be able to feed themselves much less build any more military equipment.

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