World war 3 update


A topic I go over briefly about world war 3 and how a false flag will cause it I will leave information on where u all can come and have access to the information I …


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  1. ZickPranks says:

    Holy fuck bro get off the internet! Looks like your having onset of schizophrenia. Really bro, Get off the internet.

  2. No…He will not be going off the internet, anytime soon. Lornechill Chill Is A NWO FREEDOM FIGHTER, Who Cares About What The Elites Agenda Is Concerning Humanity. I Am A NWO FREEDOM FIGHTER OF THE 44TH DEGREE. Join THE NWO FREEDOM FIGHTERS, ZickPranks, If You Will, And Learn What The Elites Have Planned For All Of Humanity, And About The Elites Plans To Economically Collapse The United States Of America, In Order To Bring In Martial Law First, Then Their NEW WORLD ORDER, Which Will Cause All Of Humanity To Be Enslaved, And RFID Chipped, Leaving Us All Without ANY FREEDOM, Rights.

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