World War 3 Warning and America 2016 – 2017 Something Strange Is Happening



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  1. pspcraft says:

    Police kill over 1,000 citizens a year – and their pets… seems like you can't trust any one in a position of authority, with a firearm. Maybe laws to restrict law enforcement's use of firearms should be enforced. I have a hunch the police shot and killed numerous victims at the Orlando Gay Club?

  2. Lili Robin says:

    Orlando was a hoax like Sandy Hook, YouTube crisis actors. The police are being mind controlled to be violent. They are beating white women into comas for asking, "What's going on?" But it isn't their fault, they are being controlled. That is why they never get rid of cops because they take awhile to get them under control so they get to keep their jobs no matter what. I feel sorry for them, I pray Jesus opens their hearts and eyes to what is happening.

  3. Keepoh says:


  4. Jared Kiiley says:

    We need a world war 3. The shit goin on on earth should be cleaned up. Gods about to act, fear God and give him glory, stand back and watch your salvation.
    Dont lie cheat steal harm fornicate or hate people, youll be okay.

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