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Dave Robbins discusses the coming 6th Trumpet War or World War 3 through the eyes of Bible prophecy. Revelation 9:13-16, “And the sixth angel sounded, …


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  1. THANKS-audio is low–needs to be louder or I need a hearing aid!

  2. When were the other trumpets sounded?

  3. Rap Turo says:

    your wrong on the trumpets

  4. @low0820 Interesting question. If you ask me I think WWIII includes the first 5 trumpets. But we will soon see.

  5. skillitt1 says:

    I haven't seen the first one sound yet. Rev.8:7 I still see the sun, moon & stars, no sea of blood

  6. Ultrabluu says:

    These are only the birth pangs witch JESUS said would be the first SEAL has not been opened ! The BRIDE of CHRIST is still on Earth. When JESUS is sent to receive his Bride after that in HEAVEN JESUS will open the first Seal and then the fulfillment of REVELATION.

  7. Theo Colt says:

    3w interpretation-of-revelation blogspot com must read all the posts the four angels are Turkey Iran Iraq and Syria read the post

  8. Really? You sound like a complete crazy guy. Done lost you mind man!!!


  10. Amen! Bro! Preach it! WATCHMAN!

  11. Steve Bishop says:

    Keep on watching the events everyone… At this posting we are almost 3 years since this video was made and now we have "ISIS" or whatever name they might morph┬áinto that is growing in strength/influence. Events continue to heat up and may take another month to several years for the combat to start. One thing to keep in mind is the "kill a third part of men" comment, Just as the event of Chernobyl made "a 3rd part of the waters bitter", this was a regional area affected so I would be very cautious about saying 2.2 billion people will die. Most likely the entire world, as we know it, is not really in scope here. It could end up that way but I would encourage caution about this reference.´╗┐

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