World War 3, We’re Following the Roadmap to it


prepare it , to see what might happen in a new world war : NO special version here MUSIC : …


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  1. brendan m says:

    sad this video only has 12,000 views as of now when Nicki Minaj butt videos are in the hundreds of millions.

  2. no one that is judged adversely will be coming out of any bunker done deal real deal times up late [porkpower]

  3. Lorfmor says:

    just nuke the zionist twats in Israel and in USA and it all will be solved, there.

  4. Sooo clear and concise.

  5. artyfarty3 says:

    5:34  – it's not just one reason  – it's the main reason why  they are pushing for war   , they know their fiat system is close to a  collapse  . A word war at this time would reset all their unbalanced accounts  . 

  6. Long live Iran Syria & Russia,,,,,

  7. 7A says:

    NWO satanists want WW3 to establish one world govt as Albert Pike predicted. Pike got WW1 and 2 correct.

  8. 7A says:

    Russia is a Christian nation.
    The World is a satanic NWO group.

  9. Stay tuned for sequel! Subscribe at and we'll email it to you this week!

  10. Legion says:

    30k views LOL
    Nobody is buying your conspiracy propaganda.. get a life dude. lmao! :D

  11. LuchoGFly says:

    best i start building a bunker!!!

  12. Godzplp123 says:

    pussy putin always results to nukes because he cant take us head on…queer ass.

  13. Україна також буде воювати на боці НАТО!

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