World War 3, Why America Deserves To Fall, Douglas Dietrich


World War 3 and why America may deserve to fall , Douglas Dietrich …


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  1. World War 3 And Why America May Deserve To Fall, Douglas Dietrich

    Famed military historian and former Department of Defense Librarian Douglas Dietrich has a lot of extremely inflammatory opinions concerning America, its history and its people.These opinions however aren't just being inflammatory for no reason, it comes after doing research few others have done and from personal experience knowing what it's like to be persecuted, abused and assaulted just for looking like a native American.Because of all the crime, decadence, laziness and apathy, America does deserve to fall and it will be like seeing justice in slow motion for all the crimes of the state and it's people.

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  2. Trent Rho says:

    I won't dispute his data points, but his hatred certainly clouds his interpretation of said data.
    I'm not guilty of any of the evil he lays at my feet, nor did I ask to be lied to and brain washed my whole life.
    His attitude is that of an European hating a native American for not knowing the Catholic religion.
    His bigotry and hatred are ok because it was done to him first?
    I find it amusing that on one hand he points out the u.s. government has been at war with its own citizens since inception then blames us for everything it did.
    Clearly he's unaware that many of us have already become aware of the evil that is D.C. and feels that the best way to encourage further research is to be insulting and offensive. I feel sorry for someone carrying so much bitter hatred in their heart all the time.
    I hope he's wrong about the govt simply collapsing though, the massive quantities of war machinery and stockpiled resources in this country really shouldn't be under the control of one or a few men, especially if they hate on a level equal to his.

  3. Lara Green says:

    Goodness, this man's hatred of the country he lives in is absolutely appalling, especially when he's chasing after a 'government' number verifying his 'Indian-hood.' :/
    He does realize, doesn't he, that America has always been a British corporation/colony and that those seemingly 'in charge' of this country are merely middle management?  I have to sigh when I hear Americans atomizing themselves into little pockets of their genetic heritages rather than simply being Americans.  I also have American Indian blood of some flavor or another (as so many of us likely do) but refuse to give that any power over my life … and definitely not any power over my feelings about myself or my country.  Yeah, America's gonna fall, it's been set up for a fall by those in charge of world affairs.  The entire West is gonna fall.  We've all got a financial crisis/collapse coming right soon, many say by mid-September and this next Shemitah cycle.  Nasty business set up by nasty people who enjoy power and control over everyone else.  Not the fault of us little folks simply trying to live our lives the best we can.  Really, I'm just nice folk like everyone else! ;)

  4. I totally agree with you Douglas , but Jesus said to love you enemies. Lol! Funny show

  5. eph5121 says:


  6. Well, this is one of the daftest & funniest interviews I've heard Vinny do, BTW, if Doughlas has Irish ancestry then he's also part British like it or not ! However, a lot of this interview I would just classify as Ye Good Olde "white man bashing", typical of cultural marxists…are we not all in the fight against "The Powers That Should Not Be" together, and yet we have this general white man bashing (mostly of the British & Americans), not good, is all that does is alienate thousands of people who listen to this show. Also the Anglo Saxon Invasion referred to was mostly a cultural invasion not racial & most Brits are indigenous (genetically) for at least 5-10,000 years ! Plus Dough must realise that most Brits are/were never part of the massacres he refers to, and why not refer to the crimes committed by just about every other nation (indigenous or otherwise) on this planet !?

    Plus some of the views expressed by the interviewee towards the end of this program (e.g. slavery & the inane views expressed about the British towards the Germans…) are not only unqualified generalisations but nothing other than a rhetorical diatribe with a hefty whiff of bovine scatology … humour aside ?

    This has to be in all honesty the ONLY Vinny Eastwood show that I am not too impressed with irrespective of Dough's laughing because he knows what he's saying is not really nice let alone true, too much hatred in this show even with the "humour", I shall desist now.

  7. abra7777 says:

    Something I found recently, that actually shows proof that the USA is based on Christianity as a nation.

    The Old Deluder Act (1647)

    From Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England (1853), II: 203

    "It being one chief project of that old deluder, Satan, to keep men from the knowledge of the Scriptures, as in former times by keeping them in an unknown tongue, so in these latter times by persuading from the use of tongues, that so that at least the true sense and meaning of the original might be clouded and corrupted with false glosses of saint-seeming deceivers; and to the end that learning may not be buried in the grave of our forefathers, in church and commonwealth, the Lord assisting our endeavors."

    Link to above information:

  8. Mad respect for Vincent Eastwood, this was one of the realist interviews I've ever heard. Certain people belly ache all the time for what they call sarcastically "Political correctness" when most of the time its just having respect for people who are different from us, yet those same people loss there shit when you have facts that damming of the American culture or white expansionism in general. Keep it up Vince

  9. America was used to develop the gun. The 9/11invisible gun, Dr Judy Woods thing. Now 'they' have the gun, America is their greatest threat, so America must go. They will bob about on the edge of space and shoot the ones that approach the truth. They are as Gods and we are like ants. We are their play thing. Having said that, Tetryonics appears to be an open invitation, to swap sides. It's not rocket science. Enjoy your ascension. Or maybe there's something on TV?

  10. One of many good interviews  Vinny!!

  11. Jerome Parli says:

    This guy seems like a great man, and highly knowledgeable. I do think though, his idea that "anarchy is the enemy" depends greatly upon your definition of what anarchy is. I believe (peaceful) anarchy is the only solution to the spiritual and intellectual growth of the human race and is a beautiful philosophy. You're not above me and I'm not above you, I may do as I please as long as it doesn't infringe upon your right to do the same. Then we can grow as equals while the elite crumble themselves.

    Have you ever spoken to Larken Rose? One thing Douglas doesn't consider is that MOST people born under nationalities and their political regimes never chose that and not only are not to blame for what the system has done, often really do not support it. So generalising and pigeon-holing people under nationalities is extremely counter-productive. You don't help awaken people by alienating them.

    I think he's been so wrapped up in war for so long, that war, the atrocities committed and the leaders of the countries at war are the only way he can see life now. A lot more anger and hatred than can be useful in the positive progression of humanity. In other words, too much of a chip on his shoulder to be a positive influence in the next stage of human evolution. Interesting guy with some interesting ideas though.

  12. David Hill says:

    I can hardly wait.

  13. Greetings Youtubers
    What we don't know is greater than us, until discovery!! Everything that has happen before you, now to you, and to you in the future comes down to one factor. That is you knowing or not KNOWING who you are. You are a human being existing in a pseudo MATRIX CORPORATE JURISDICTION. You were born into Common Law Human Jurisdiction entitlement, but was drawn into the CORPORATE MATRIX JURISDICTION via your BIRTH CERTIFICATE and subsequently other DOCUMENTS. There you remain.  Your GOVERNMENT being a CORPORATION and of course existing in a CORPORATE JURISDICTION could not interact with you being existing in a Common Law human Jurisdiction. Therefore a pseudo representation with CORPORATE STATUS, which is colloquially call the STRAWMAN,  INVENTED in likeness of your name.
    Your GOVERNMENT secures justification by presenting a form to your mother which misrepresents her as an informant of your arrival and stating you are an orphan with no parents. Therefore as GOVERNMENT'S administrative duty it takes the baby (you) as a WARD OF THE STATE. To complete this process the GOVERNMENT INVENTS the PSEUDO in the name your mother provides on the form and returns it on a BIRTH CERTIFICATE in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. The powers that should not be, did this as a justifiable deception, because the form which your mother fills in, does indeed say informant and not parent or mother in that vital area. Hence by her voluntary doing so without objection, it legitimizes her actions. Therefore the powers that should not be, would justify their pathological actions or intentions. This is why the Georgia Stone is there in plain sight, or why 9/11 was viewed in films long before it happen and many other declarations. Because by they declaring it to you, they are waiting to see what you tacitly do. It doesn't matter that you did not understood what was being declared to you. They see themselves vindicated in their immorality with the following. "Let he/her that would be deceived, be deceived".
    This is like there MODUS OPERANDI and distinguishes from Common Law. Common Law would not allow such deception. In Common Law you are not allowed to Commit Harm or Fraud/deception or Breech the Peace. In Common Law humans are applicable to Right or Wrong and Moral Judgement. But this GOVERNMENTAL INVENTED CORPORATIONS in PSEUDO likeness of you, is not alive in the human context and so are not govern by such human applicability. If you consider the above so far, then also consider that you have left (or should I say pulled out of) your Common Law (humanity) Jurisdiction behind, have been in the MATRIX of CORPORATE JURISDICTION post your BIRTH CERTIFICATE and also would not have a GOVERNMENT in its current form without it. You have to be a STRAWMAN for your GOVERNMENT to interact with you.
    Your GOVERNMENT by a self fulfilled necessity has drawn you into a CORPORATE JURISDICTION and there you remain. Ask your self where are the Common Law Policemen, Courts and Judges? If you can still find them and utilized them then you are free -if not, then you are a slave in the CORPORATE GOVERNMENTAL MATRIX. What we have to day is the FORCE OF LAW instead of The Rule of Law, POLICE OFFICER instead of Policeman/Constable, COURTS instead of Courts and JUDGES instead of Judges.
    The powers that should not be, know this, and through their secret societies, have recruited accomplices such as your GOVERNMENT and other ORGANIZATIONS, which has pushed Common Law; Constitution or Magna Carta 1225 further out of reached. If we can no longer access Common Law Jurisdiction; Common Law Doctrine, Common Law Police and Courts. Then no matter what humanity does, humanity may have to fight to reclaim them. To be free, one must also be brave. Because, how can we negotiate with a JURISDICTION which in its philosophy, believes it is doing nothing humanly wrong to you? Because it cannot and does not see or recognize Humanity in its DOCTRINE or APPLICATION?
    Have an Awakening day!!

  14. I like this guy…he's laughing at the bullshit instead of getting mad about it…it's putting me in a good mood rather than stressing me out

  15. Vengeance is mine said the Lord, and I am here to watch the dude or dudate work!  And I hope he is PMS'ing. What a show it is going to be!

  16. Back in the day the native americans and also asians were treated terrible.  Other races as well. I totally get it. The rich get richer and the pore get porer.  For the most part I believe the power was in the wrong hands from the begining.

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