World War 3 Will Be the Reset Button: “AMA w/ Christopher Greene 5/5/15”


In today’s video , Christopher Greene of AMTV answers your questions in our first ever AMA . AMTV Website : Donate $ 5 / month for …


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  1. Kosovo makes the US look very hypocritical when lecturing Russia on how to deal with Ukraine.

    The US intervened in Kosovo and bombed just about every Serbian city you can think of to force them into withdrawal from their own territory.  

    Did you see Russian jets bombing targets in Crimea or Kiev and mass civilian casualties which can be directly attributed to Russian troops? Let's be realistic, the media is portraying the war in Ukraine as a Russian invasion. If Russia had really invaded Ukraine then why don't we see Russian jets bombing cities in Ukraine? Why don't we see the Russian navy participating in the war? Why don't we see Russian convoys of tanks crossing the border from Russia and into Ukraine? Why are there no street battles in Kiev yet? Don't tell me the Russians would not have reached Kiev by now if there was an invasion taking place.

    Are there some citizens of Russia fighting in Ukraine? Of course there are, but there are also American citizens fighting for the Kiev regime. There are Serbian citizens fighting for the Donetsk militias, there are also other European volunteers fighting for the Azov battalion. Basically, the situation is not black and white. There are serious issues fracturing Ukraine and blaming Russia for all of it is only going to make things worse.

    I don't support killing of either side, I think it's stupid that Slavic people are killing each other over a conflict which was initiated by powerful financial forces from the outside.

  2. Leo Ruocco says:

    Chris we need you more than you may think,thanks for taking the time to share info about your backround it realy makes a differnce,giving a clearer picture of who you are and how you have evolved,you have made a friend and support for as long as i can hold out you see i am 65 years old with an only child, a boy 9years old and i need to look out for him, thanks again LEE PORTLAND

  3. Mary A says:

    Currently, the USA is their stumbling block – since America is the only "superpower" in terms of military, economy, monetary, & alliances. HOWEVER, this will soon change.
    The Bible states that "Mystery Babylon" (USA) will suffer numerous "plagues" (natural & manmade disasters), and then be destroyed by FIRE in a SINGLE HOUR. WW3 anyone ? Afterward, the NWO steps forward as "world savior".

  4. What a load of unsubstantiated crock.

  5. Wish I could help you some how CG. I live in Phx, Az. Have been my whole life. Message me if you'd like.

  6. fmchu ln says:

    this is the first time america faces a real threat?  the threat of economic collapse? WW3? don't you kooks watch the history channel? there's always a threat, the economy is cyclical, it swings from good to bad because of our imperfect economic model, but then again what government has a perfect model? I bet the "South" sounded just like you folks when they were loosing their slaves to the US government. Lol.. but seriously we should learn how to invest wisely so we you don't end up loosing our house to a mortgage foreclosure because we lost our job. that I agree with but don't give people $5 for telling you that the system is imperfect. I fucken hate fear mongers..

  7. To SERVE Man says:

    Pop your cherry? A man doesn't have a cherry unless you're talking about your ass hole.

    Texas succeeding from the union?

    Oh yeah this is some good information here!

  8. GoodDay says:

    this reminds me Tomorrowland antenna that feeds people with what they want to happen. we can still change the future if we all think positive

  9. Pewdiepie Jr says:

    Why why I'm scared

  10. Thanks for finally coming out third war is coming. We been waiting for this l.

  11. mary covert says:

    We are all assets; we are not all human . We  see the humans in this world acting like a bunch of monkey balls . …….we see what they call civilization and act on their behaviors…. be good Chris …. the spirits r with u

  12. Besic says:

    Tbh the title of this video says it all.. Haha to spread fear about this.. Idk why I watched this. 

  13. Sean Budge says:

    Your thinking on same sex marriage is very muddled. It's very simple. Let me explain. Two people love each other. They should be allowed to marry. That's it. Simple right? The rest is noise. You say the majority would be hurt if there is same sex marriage. Exactly how? How would I be hurt if Fred and Sam down the road get married? I think what you're really trying to say is that you think the majority think gays are disgusting and giving them the right to marry makes them equal which in your world doesn't gel.

  14. Glad you don't think Black American Issues ARE American Issues. Guess what, since 1619-2015 even though the Name of the Land Changed the HELL Blacks who were the VICTIMS of Slavery has NOT changed. The Confederate Battle Flags did not emerge AGAIN on state capitols until 1961, Yes 1961 and the Civil Rights for Blacks Era. Those of you defending that confederate battle flag would never ever insist on flying that Nazi Flag over jews yet you insist that Blacks endure the same meaning and more heinous results than that same nazi flag.You are Cowardly, You kick the weak and the infirm to make yourselves feel stronger and proud. Dam You ALL.
    You cowards were so engrosed in keeping the poor selfless blacks down troden that you missed when your country was taken over by the 'rothchilds,rockefellers,warburgs and loads more that loved you LESS than they loved Negroes'. Like I said, You and Your ilk are cowards. That war you are preparing for will last a lot less than you could possibly imagine, ie it is already over and you already lost. ALL of you will bow down to the power that is Israelites, and that ain't those Khazars neither!

  15. MrGOZATELO says:


  16. tim james says:

    How do you think albuquerque new mexico will fare during the collapse. we did ok during 2008 because we were already poor and quite resilient, but is the next collapse going to be so massive that every single person will feel it. anyway I'm a huge fan. have a great day man

  17. carle shawn says:

    I don't know how much Goldlame and the survival guys pay you but you could probably make a lot more money if you came up with your own product line and promoted it instead of promoting theirs.

  18. carle shawn says:

    Like Alex Jones does

  19. John Smith says:

    Hy Chris! Your a Very Brave guy! I really appreciate what you do! 2 questions… Have you had a lot of threats for the work you do? And what can we simple peasants do Against the oppressors except informing others? Thank you for everything!

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