World War 4 – Cinematic Simulation


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  1. Castle Ava says:

    Whats the song called…?

  2. carmine says:

    There hasnt been a world war 3

  3. carmine says:

    Thats just video games , no simulator here you liar!

  4. WillvsFear says:

    If we had ExoSkeleton suits and high tech hover tanks we would blow up the whole damn Earth 2 weeks into the war

  5. Jake Hussey says:

    Good RTS concept

  6. That's a game.
    I swear to god.

  7. Mike Kay says:

    there isn't even a world war III.

  8. the last clip looks like its from halo for some reason :I

  9. in real life this world war is number 12

  10. WW4 fight will be with sticks and stones. Einstein said something like that ;)

  11. What the heck this is trash the armies are from halo, the background is from superman/Enders game wow so cheap

  12. wal lir says:

    this is not how ower world war 4 look like -_- u never know how looks

  13. James Amber says:

    There is probaly a ggoing to. be a world war 4 because of Donald Trump

  14. this is call of duty and halo and warframe

  15. these are game trailers

  16. also gears of war m8

  17. like Planetside 2 would be ww4

  18. Genio Perez says:

    why are we talking about WW4 even though WW3 hasn't happened yet? We've only had WW1 and WW2

  19. BosnianGamer says:

    Guys check out new montage >
    Hope yall like it :))

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