WORLD WAR ALERT: NATO’s “Saber Strike” Could trigger Nuclear War


LATVIA | NATO has launched yet another war game designed to flex its muscles against Russia . Operation Saber Strike is in full effect . The exercises include …


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  1. I think Putin just wants to grow his economy , build some pipelines and host the world cup in 2018 …. Who are these people having a war with?
    Nato is insane. 

  2. uscilugowicz says:

    Yep, it's NATO excercise to trigger the war not Russian invasion and actual war in Ukraine.

  3. justaman6972 says:

    I wonder how many military bases Russia has around the world? Not as many as the US has I'll wager.

  4. tubettymarks says:

    Mass extermination of USA citizens, riot control (like Boston, Ferguson), red/blue/green/pink/yellow extraction for Nazi FEMA Camp roundups and World War 3 started on USA, plus strike against RUSSIA/CHINA. Be prepared, WATCH OUT when the lights go out! Olympus falling, but not the majority of USA Citizens.

  5. this real or fake?!? if its real, how long till ww3 happens?

  6. LOL "To forge peace" in this region of the world… yeah forge peace with the military is super serial intelligent… take a ham sandwich and a cognac and feel your place in the universe.

  7. Save ur selves.. go home.. STOP being bankers mercenaries.

    Russia will slaughter you all.. guaranteed.

    There will be no war if u stupid NATO employees resign and go home.


  8. TheJegozu says:

    Hope Putler doesn't shit his pants and press the button.

  9. There is no reasoning with Russia, force is the only language they understand. "If you want peace prepare for war".

  10. Hmm…there seem to be military drills going all over the world, not just Jade Helm 15…add it all up and the shit's about to hit the fan…bigtime.

  11. 99sinse says:

    Hello people, i actually think that and Nato and Russia do it ! because Russia and nato response to aggression. I'm very scared, because i from Lithuania and now all television say about 72 hours (its mean how survive) and now launch a mandatory young man army… its not good, really bad news…. 🙁 PEACE !!!

  12. AsiA I says:

    NATO is stupid!  there wont be anymore NATO after this. FINE bring your belated soon to be dead asses! there is no turning back once you engage in war with EasT'''''''

  13. JESUS CHRIST gave us the answers to everything thats coming
    the lord Jesus told us satan will force a one world government
    first will come major war
    than when everyone is desperate and scared
    satan will introduce the anti christ
    the anti christ will offer world peace
    the people who don't know jesus will fall for satan's deception
    people will proclaim the  anti christ  as savior and accept his mark
    they will believe the false prophet 
    who will tell the world to worship the anti christ
    and all the world who doesn't belong to jesus will
    bend over and worship the anti christ
    than God will begin his 7 last plagues
    by the 7th plauge the lord jesus will come

  14. jack hunter says:

    asia below just how stupid a dumb fuck are you …nato would destroy any enemy in a heart beat …you dumb shit head….yup

  15. Andyp 83 says:

    hahaha usa military spending is more than china and russia combined then double that and ur close to usa spending…usa and nato will be more than a match for russia

  16. I cannot stand how everyone tries to blame NATO for instability, and it provoking Russia, it's ridiculous apparently we are just supposed to sit back and let Russia do anything they fuckin want and push everyone around, fuck that, God bless the USA 

  17. omfg the stupidity hurt's my brain ''Could trigger nuclear war'' Yeah ok let's see it happen bring it on, and if i'm right i wan't you all to go suck a horse cock, and people who really think that the ''NWO'' is real, please go read karl marx, thank you.

  18. Citrius Alex says:

    Nothing happened….

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