World War Hulk – Complete Story


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  1. Chase Pene says:

    Wasn't there a part somewhere when the x-men were involved and hulk was after Xavier?

  2. aj scoby says:

    Hulk went World breaker

  3. Dave Warcri says:

    What comic issues does this involve?

  4. you left out the entire professor X part .

  5. DeuceQP says:

    holy shit you get way too excited for these lol

  6. whats the story where Hulk redeems himself?

  7. kem hinton says:

    great narration

  8. Stormfin says:

    What about the tie-ins? Are you going to do anything on World War Hulk: X-Men or Ghost Rider?

  9. elgato9o says:


    i bought this comic and got so mad to know there was no conclusion, never buying a comic again

  10. feel sad for hulk :(

  11. bigcat99100 says:

    hulk started that's what she said?

  12. Potatoflip says:

    that ending is so annoying a random cause all of the mess WTF

  13. that was just great.

  14. thus would make one hell of a movie

  15. tedbert says:

    All of the creatures on the planet did not have equal strength to Hulk.

  16. Ivan BR says:

    Congrats, great work.

  17. frank G says:

    Man this is a great channel!!!!

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