World War II America (Battle Hymn of the Republic)


The Hymn has been sung at the funerals of such people as; the British hero Winston Churchill, Robert F Kennedy and Reagen to name a few. It was written amid …


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  1. Okay beautiful song, but I died of laughter at the last second. Just seeing that soldier casually sitting on the wing of the moving plane XD

  2. God Bless America!

  3. Dr.Turnt says:

    We can be anywhere in 24 hours, remember that you commie fags ;)

  4. As this song is sang it is used to inspire nobleman and women from the civil war to the 2 great wars, from the battle of Gettysburg to the the bombing of pearl harbor. This is a song that has stood the test of time and may never be forgotten for it is a true piece of art and I say this with great pride, god bless America

  5. WolFiemx pie says:

    nice olden days now im 96

  6. I was born during the Korean War. My Dad and all my uncles served during WWII. I am a Viet Nam Era Vet.
    Fuck the current administration of the United States of America. I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag not to politicians of any stripe. When the NWO comes for me to take my guns they can have them from the muzzle end first at 518 degrees.

  7. Ten months from Normandy to the Elbe.

  8. Who sings this version? Probably my favorite version of the song.

  9. Robbe V says:

    God Bless America! Greets from Belgium.

  10. I always lose my composure while this tune plays.

    Wouldn't have it any other way.

  11. This video shows the America that I liked but today's America is not even 'great'.

  12. my dad this song

  13. crying should had join the army

  14. Number1sun says:

    Only those of the utmost honor to their lives the women and the mother country may God guide those troops on the field this very day

  15. who is the choir and singer?wh

  16. HENY 21 says:

    its best ne je to opravdu bozi posen posloucham to skoro každý den

  17. my dad was in ww2 8 aaf 896 mp co high wycomb

  18. this song make me cry i should had join the army

  19. Howard Pena says:

    This is my favorite video on YouTube

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