WORLD WAR II CALL OF DUTY! – “Old School Gameplay” (COD 3 on Xbox One)


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  1. Bro u always pull though with good vids…..

  2. I would like to see some more house vlogs or something about your house…..

  3. This is way better than the newer cods. ?

  4. What is that amazing music 12 minutes in?

  5. How many glasses do you have bro

  6. Fabian T says:

    This game was awesome, it was Call of Duty but with tanks and vehicles , like?? THATS FUCKINGG AWESOME by far my most favorite call of duty

  7. Derp Derp says:

    Sony needs to up there game and make old cods backwards compatible too

  8. You need to do a cod tournament with all the big cod players starting with cod 1 to cod iw.

  9. I love your vids man, Keep up the good work. Stay Positive

  10. I'll be playing this until BF1! Are you gonna get and play BF1 Shawn?

  11. Erik says:

    I had this on Wii lmao

  12. Evan Hirler says:

    Play world at war plz

  13. ninjaxams says:

    cod3 is to this day the most underrated cod in terms of mp. the sp was hot garbage but treyarch really nailed it with the bf inspired design for mp.

  14. WolfPlayer says:

    I love how people think this game is good but Call of Duty 3 has a decent campaign and a the worst multiplayer of all time.

  15. Cedi Roos says:

    The cod 3 trench gun was my fav

  16. mtnova says:

    Yo how about them bills today destroying the cards

  17. 100 subscribers to my YouTube channel please

  18. MortemEtDabo says:

    Damn….call of duty 3 was so much like battlefield back then

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