World War II in Europe: Every Day


WW2 in the Pacific Every Day : WW2 in Europe and The Pacific Every Day : . ..


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  1. Without the Russians large numbers and defeating Germany in the East, the Nazis would have won. Without the British defending the West and defeating Germany in Africa, the Nazis would have won. Without America Sending Aids and supplies to Britain and Russia and defeating Germany in the West, the Nazis would have won.

  2. Ultron says:

    Sweden and Switzerland just like to stay out of everybody's business

  3. Obama Osama says:

    what's the song that starts at 1944 ?

  4. Onur Sezer says:

    sorry bu what is finlands goal?

  5. Lucian Rono says:

    lol how finland went to the alies in the last moment

  6. Dj Pony says:

    How to crate maping video?

  7. Good video, makes you think… The nazi scums took over Denmark and Norway, and we Swedes did nothing. Scary, they were so close.

  8. Wrong timeline: Italy invaded Albania since 7 April 1939, it's not even shown in this map

  9. E. Bachaus says:

    So much bull about the americans, all the fighting happened on the eastern border.

  10. Lord Maniac says:

    2:43, It was at that moment Adolf Hitler knew he f*cked up.

  11. good version of WW2.You have one of the best channels i have ever saw!

  12. Wow. The nazis stationed in a small forgotten corner of Djibouti (right upper corner of the screen) seems to have been some stubborn bastards holding their little piece of land for almost three years! ( 2:50 )– ( 3:50 )

  13. sean barry says:

    Holy shit, if the germans won wwii then none of the radical muslims would be fukin around, think about it

  14. Enes Ceylan says:

    what is the song name?

  15. How long did it take you to make this! Keep up the good work

  16. Fucking Switzerland just chilling in the middle of the fucking warzone.

  17. Azunai4 says:

    MS Paint? Duuuuude, what an effort!

  18. GeimsForLaif says:

    6:14 Why did Turkey join the war?

  19. Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden and Portugal were eating popcorn all the time.

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