World War II in HD Colour Episode 4 Hitler Strikes East


World War II In HD Colour Episode 4 – Hitler Strikes East | Military Videos . For more videos

World War II In HD Colour Episode 4-Hitler Strikes East.

World War II In HD Colour Episode 4 – Hitler Strikes East ( History Documentary Channel ) After the unsuccessful attempt to defeat the British, Hitler focuses his .


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  1. Scottish Guy says:

    Richard Sorge (spy in Japan) was true by his word and the divisions that moved west certainly turned the tide on the war in the eastern front and what was possibly the cause of them winning against the Germans and ultimately win the war. R.i.p Richard Sorge.

  2. anasazi2012 says:

    At the time when Stalin was finally surrendering all the military strategic decisions to his generals, Hitler decided to sack his more strategically experienced generals making the strategical decisions on his own which he knew little about. This was the cause of his demise on the eastern front. Along with the red army's reserves and a surplus of new weaponry supplied by Britain and the US. Hitler also planned for a quick victory in the warmer months in Russia, the Wehrmacht were not prepared for a brutal Russian winter. Most of all Germany's supplies and weapons were spent by the end of Stalingrad and Kursk. With the Russians receiving reinforcements from the north and Siberia, the Wehrmacht had no choice but to retreat. The lesson here, don't fuck with Russia!

  3. Sorry! I am an asian & a moslem.I've been told when ottoman fall then the creation of paper money while the event in Chicago World Fair in 1930's even Henry Ford find them over react in his books we believe like what Bukhari says comes one tyrany leader that will try to vanished and blamed but in film reels to proved it not illustration.

  4. Michael says:

    War brings nothing but destruction only, War has no winning at all.
    these people died at there good age because Hitler told them to do so.

  5. Oscar hughes says:

    Hitler would have won the war if he would have had patience if he ordered the me262 and the stg44 and the panzer 4 to be made on a industrial scale Germany would have been able to stop the bombing of Berlin and the prediction of Germany's war materials, in 44 when the allies stormed the shores of Normandy if hitter would have sent all the SS armor the allies would have been thrown back into the see I would have waited until the summer of 43 to attack Poland and France once I got that under control I would have targeted Britain with a hored of u boats I would have strangled it off from the rest of the world after the British starved out I'd went onto the ballkians and onto Moscow with 50 armored divisions and a hored of ME 262s and when I got within distance I would have unleashed the V2 on Stalin, hitters generals wasn't committed to a war of attrition I would have sighted a pact with the United States and gave them a foot hold in eroup when I controlled what I wanted the slavs and the cheks I would have allied with them and the Chinese too and put more efforts in the nuclear weapons program the world need to thank god I wasn't a German general during ww2

  6. acky731 says:

    I bet Heinze Guardian was fuming

  7. Rugved Reddy says:

    Russia should celebrate winter every year.. it saved them. If not for the winter they would have been vanquished at the end.

  8. Hitler : Short near sighted Vegetarian noted for his problems with flatulence for which he was constantly treated.
    Stalin : Noted tendency to drunkeness ,with a withered arm and a clubbed foot.
    So it was a war between a sawed off farting Vegan with poor eyesight and a drunk with a club foot and one shriveled arm.

  9. ju-tub says:

    fuck around with Russians and you'll get yo head busted at any time

  10. Sun Rain says:

    a bunch of you professional commentators are genius historians. your opinions are separated from causes, consequences and logistical unfolding of events.

  11. Sounds like to me, he fucked up when he delayed advancement towards Moscow. He should of focused on Moscow more, than worrying about Stalingrad. After he takes Moscow, then he could start capturing other cities and non strategic objectives. Hitler could of won this easily, maybe they should of invaded earlier like in the spring.

  12. Whats be happend if be USSR be fall , 1946 Germans will be maded atomic bomb and conquer the world .Churchil know that this is reason why must support USSR. Later Germany will be destroy Italy and Japan. Nacionalisam is bigest evil ever.STOP FASCISM LIBERTY FOR THE PEOPLE.

  13. Bob Saturday says:

    when do these fuckin garlic chewin europeans find time to have wars when they're so busy eatin sausage all the time ? so what was this , some competition between stalin and hitler to see who could be the worlds biggest cocksucker ? hitler could use a burning 4×4 up his ass but stalin would take a lotta kicks to the mouth and a donkeys cock down his throat

  14. Buzz Aldreen says:

    Back in the old days when your meaningless life had an actual purpose…

  15. Funny how they never show you Hitler subtitles, The guy spoke truth !! Hail Hitler

  16. Dean Jackson says:

    Russia and Germany were partners in invading Poland. Earlier Russia attacked several small countries. Russia was equally guilty in starting WW2 so when Russia's partner Germany invaded Russia, Russia cannot complain. It is like 2 robbers helping each other until the 2 robbers attack each other. USA should have let both of them fight to the last man and not help Russia. USA gave Russia massive aid and now Russians pretend USA did nothing. USA, IN GOD WE TRUST, ONE NATION UNDER GOD. I know Jesus is real and alive, I have seen the miracles of Jesus.

  17. Fengris says:

    The Germans, the Germans, the Germans….whats up with Russia? They attacked Poland with Germany together. Then Finnland. The baltic countries. Parts of Rumänia. Then Stalin prepared to strike Germany AND the rest of Europe when Germany and France became exhausted after fighting in the West. Thats what Stalin counted with. He was surprised that Germany could end the conflict with France that fast. It was the main goal of communism to spread over the complete world under the rules of Russia. All the world could see it in the post war time when the USSR did everything to reach its goal. But the german strike in 1941 changed all of Stalins plans.And today? We can see the same thing again. Crimea occupied. Ucraine destabilisized. Parrts of Georgia (Ossetien) occupied. Genocid in Tschetschenia. The farce in Syria. RUSSIA still is an aggressive and expansive attacker where ever you look.

  18. actually usa decleared war on germany, wtf…

  19. if he was prepered for russian winter, then he coulda won this…

  20. I'm not taking sides here, but the main problem for the German forces at the time was that Hitler was persuasive speaker and good rhetorician and demagogue only, but he had no military mind, and his strategy was way off of reality. This simultaneous attack on Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad can propose only someone who never in his entire life stepped into battle. And if experienced generals objected Hitler's demands they would probably be executed. So, we are, so to speak, lucky that Hitler was such a bad military strategist.

  21. Henry Watson says:

    I REALLY want to buy this documentary, but I can't seem to find it anywhere?

  22. The British occupying Greece was a master stroke.  Dealing with Yugo/Greece delayed Hitler's invasion of Russia by three months. Those extra three months would have seen Moscow fall before winter set in.

  23. Just think how eaaily communism could have been destroyed if the germans weren't waging a war to exterminate the slavs because "muh master race"

  24. Brian says:

    The whole war was a scam. Roosevelt was a 33 degree Freemason as was Churchill and Stalin. Hitler was rumored to be into secret society it was a sin of Madame blavatsky the Russian Mystic who was deeply into secret societies. the Jesuits which were controlling the whole thing. why do you think Adolf Hitler made so many mistakes? because he was following an agenda that was not his, and was told to do what he did. these people don't care about individual soldiers. Almost 40,000 German soldiers died in the first couple days of the Russian invasion. That's almost an entire Stadium full of people. They were just cannon fodder to these cretins. otherwise known as goyim. the whole purpose was to bring in a socialist World Order. That's why Adolf Hitler was always talking about a thousand year Reich. It's the same thousand years that's in the Bible except it's a wrong view of it. those who are in power in this world are always trying to bring in their New World Order of a thousand years of peace. Hitler was controlled by those like the Jesuits and Madame blavatsky also controlled by the Jesuits, who or what is known as gnostics they believe in gnosticism. for Lord's sake Churchill was a druid, a pagan cult member and I have photos of him in his regalia, as well as Roosevelt dressed in his 33 degree Freemason monkey suit. the whole world ain't nothing but a big scam and we're all getting deceived by it. Just like this election everybody thinks it Trump is going to do something special for America. garbage. Trump is going to do what his new world order Masters tell him to do, or he will not be around very long. killary was going to do what her new world order Masters I told her to do or she wouldn't have been around very long. there are no candidates who are independent of the system including the people like Bernie Sanders. It's all theater and drama. I know people don't like to hear this, because it makes them afraid, but every word I just said is true.. Because I think it's true but because I have studied into it and it's right there on the internet for you to see. They don't even really hide it anymore. If you do not know look up hegelian dialectic and get your eyes opened up to what is really happening in the world. Republicans and Democrats, socialist and democracy. liberal and conservative. it doesn't matter because behind the scenes they are all on the same side. there is no way to defeat these people by human means, as they are too powerful, and our only hopes hinge on the most powerful being in the universe. the only thing which will stop them in the end, is the second coming of Jesus. just read the Bible and you discovered that the new world order was predicted in the Bible. It's in Revelation 13 & 17 and many other books in the Bible. the Ten Kings are the New World Order. Look up the Rome treaty from 1968 and see that they divided the world into ten kingdoms also known as 10 Kings. a king and a kingdom in the Bible are the same.

  25. Respect Russia! Such a great nation!

  26. They kicked a LOT of a55, just not enough a55.
    If Hitler had defeated the USSR (not totally destroying it necessarily) many US service men would have lived throughout the second half of the 20th century. Too bad, too bad.

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