World War II: The Battle of Kursk – II: Preparations – Extra History


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  1. My god that accent is fucking amazing

  2. the tiger and panther came firstly in kursk ? good to know i always thought..even every tiger tank book i have say that the tiger came 1942…but a british guy knows better than 12 books the internet and my grandfather when the tiger was deployed

    Sorry for my english but I'm from Germany.

  3. Germans: Well-trained, well-equipped, organized and fast moving.

    Russians: Throws whatever it has at the problem, hoping it goes away, poorly trained and equipped, powered by vodka.

    How did the Russians win? The grace of God.

  4. Mainly, Russia's numbers come from its size and the fact they'd let teens and women into the military alongside civilians and such. Anyone with a gun or a fighting spirit was allowed in, so 2M people would be pretty easy for Russia to muster.

  5. Mike Donner says:

    Im sure your cartoonist caricatures of such a brutal battle would make any family member of either side feel comforted by your obvious display of respect and admiration for the people forced into this historic battle. Your explanation makes a mockery of any veteran of any war.

    BTW: ;)

  6. One tiny nitpick:

    Mannstein is pronounced "Mann-stine", not "Mann-Steen". The German "ei" sounds like the English "I" as in "I robot".

  7. Richard's Voice kinda reminds me of Xboxahoy. How's Stuart doing anyway?

  8. lextrex1 says:

    Your videos are so engaging keep up the good work!

  9. Being a wot player I WOULD KILL for a kursk map!

  10. Sam Keating says:

    This week on "World of Tanks"..!

  11. ondra paus says:

    Russian propagand!

  12. rowan murphy says:

    I wish they could do the irish 1916 rising

  13. FPS Poland says:

    2:11 Small but important note: the Warsaw Uprising took place in summer and early autumn of 1944. The uprising mentioned here is the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising lead by Mordechaj Anielewicz and Marek Edelman (spring of 1943).

  14. At least he isn't a squaddie, haha.

  15. the t-34 and the kv-1 are the red army"s tank and we u.s have back in ww2 what Sherman and m4 lee so they kill Nazi tank then or maybe let them run away

  16. Vytrogon2000 says:

    A guest speaker! Stupendous! keep up the great work!

  17. RealKull says:

    This IDIOT should be warned that while "heavy" by Red Army standards the IS-2 was not that BIG, weighting only about as a Panrther and not nearly as heavy as a Tiger…

  18. Thanks British guy

  19. Genubath1 says:

    This episode was a real treat! Thanks! You guys are the best!!!!

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