World War III by Sheikh Imran Hosein




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  1. world war 3 will start in iraq for oil

  2. Johnny h says:

    thanks to Allah I have learn a lot by just watching his video may Allah keep blessing him 🙂

  3. Amareto says:

    I luv sheikh Imran when he says : " They (Israel) have PHD on deception " .

  4. اللعنة على اليهود

  5. Robert Manke says:

    this "hand on the throat of the world" with oil… this is Exactly why the marijuana prohibition must continue and intensify because hemp can replace foolish, limited oil forever…

  6. Sheikh Imran I understand that the Jews want to control the oil, but how can Israel have Europe by its throat when Britain and Europe will be destroyed by nuclear missiles.

  7. Bertrand Russell (Why I am not a Christian!) He should have said: Why I am not a religious man (Judaism and Zionism is pure racism and fachism in its theory and religion and is the source of Christianity and Islam, which in turn is also not something to brag of humanity and humanism)!

    Long live atheism, humanism and humanity!

  8. قل لا يعلم من في السموات والارض الغيب الا الله    ( وعمران حسين  هههههههه الف تنبوْ قلب قبل وكانت الوقائع عكس ما قلت

  9. not india you idiot he is pakistani

  10. Abdi Omar says:

    What he said 2003 is happen now

  11. cyndy t says:

    the music is too loud

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