World War III could start in Syria’s ‘crowded skies’


Faith Goldy of says Syria could be the place where World War III begins. MORE: …


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  1. Has AA says:

    Yeah world war 3 will happen in you ass , just trying to get more view , aren't you bitch?

  2. noah dentzau says:

    uhhh that dress WTH

  3. tuber00009 says:

    Yes your evidence and reasoning really changed my mind on this one, thanks for the prod

  4. krileayn says:

    The west wants to fight Russia but embrace Islam. You can't make this shit up.

  5. Some Grade A Fox News bullshit fearmongering right here. it could happen anywhere, not just in Syria.

  6. Rumbling says:

    She sounds like she is trying way to hard to be professional

  7. Greg Sloan says:

    I would be more worried about Pakistan and India starting something. They really hate each other.

  8. joey clay says:

    Russia's strength is exaggerated. Poland+turkey+Ukraine+Finland+Georgia+all 3 Baltic states+Czech republic+Germany alone could overcome Russia and it's huge number of reserves.

  9. lmiddleman says:

    I believe that dress is known as the "Hervé Villechaize Climbing Wall".

  10. CatNadian says:

    Well WW1 was started cause of the death of one man.

  11. If you start the world war, I will fucking nuke my people bitches! so back off.

    These are my people. I have full licence to torture them, starve them and bomb them. If you have a good reason to step foot in Syria, it is to lick my ass and dance to my tunes. You should be ready to play games with me of bombing civilians homes and ripping them apart.

  12. 陈新虎 says:


  13. SebAnders says:

    I'm not worried about WW3 and I'd sign right up for it, after all it would be over by Christmas….right?

  14. I'm Syrian Are You Gonna Hate Me ??

  15. Some Person says:

    Do you know what is so funny about these pro-Russia comments. Most of them use the default avatar picture. Definitely not paid by Russia.

  16. soylent goy says:

    hey dummy its jewish banker run west attacking Russia , fuk u people r a joke

  17. Damn Faith is F.I.N.E :-)

  18. Capt Char says:

    Remember how WWI started.  A single gunshot in a minor country.

  19. I think using all of the immigrants as massive cannon fodder is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

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