World War III Final GREAT ISRAHELL PROJECT ~ Sheikh Imran Hosein


World War III Final GREAT ISRAHELL PROJECT ~ Sheikh Imran Hosein.



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  1. I did not watch because of the music and singing in the background, cannot hear the speaker, this has happened so many times but these people are so silly, waist of time, just going to stop watching all this uploader, no common sense this guy.

  2. hoovercrip7 says:

    Thank you Imam for giving Malcolm X his due. He was perhaps one of the greatest Muslims in the 20th century!

  3. Debez87 says:

    islam has never stopped being strange to the world. 1400 years of aggression

  4. Wow! Another Mohammadan inbred retard with his own half baked conspiracy theories and fancy fairytale, Djinn tales rather – product of the perpetual vicious hatred and ill-intent these filthy evil, frustrated and envious creeps have for the 'other'.

    Look at this dirty Mullah, worthless rabid old bastard with his feet dangling over the grave – regardless even now this bigoted douchebag is busy peddling his venomous crap shamelessly and remorselessly. Amusing to watch how these dime a dozen bloodthirsty fundamentalist bastards start salivating with as much as mention of 'Apocalypse', 'World War', 'Blood Bath', 'Dominating the World'!!!!

  5. Too bad you was not killed in America.

  6. Islam needs a reformation… surely God would have wanted the world to be one in which there was no religious division, no discrimination of (believers/ non believers) & subjugation of women… such a shame because we are all humans. Gods children will see that Religion divides us.. we must all see this to be closer to God.

  7. Hitler knew whot jew's are planing to do , how come Jew's have builded a Contry without a land , who gave the land , or better …. Palestina say how jew's build israel and they want to erase Palestina

  8. I am a Muslim, The main cause of problem is NOT ISRAEL, but the IDEOLOGY of Muslims. (Muslims never innovates, Muslim never make peace, Muslims keeps on fighting among themselves) and once they face the consequences they start blaming Israel and America. Today Muslim itself are a great danger for Muslims.

    Muslims believes that Israel is behind ISIS, that's the height of idiocity, the people who are joining ISIS are Muslims, people who are running ISIS are Muslims, Muslims all over the world are joining ISIS, take a look at our self first before blaming other countries, this problem will keep on increasing if we keeping on blaming others instead of purifying ourselves.

    Muslim a community of more than 1.6 billion people, still they think 14.2 million Israel are the threat. People fighting in Boko Haram are not jews, people fighting in al-shabab are not jews, people fighting in Lashkar-E-Taiba are not jews, people fighting in more than 50 terrorist organization are not jews. so TAKE A LOOK ON YOURSELF FIRST.

  9. Islam is cancer to too day human society l

  10. Guy De Simon says:

    This is pre fall of Sadam/Iraq

  11. Azzam Arab says:

    shk. imran is mixing alot.
    dont tell me isarael is going to expand.. israel has finished this is the second hight for them and now they will be defeated in falasteen.
    any prozionest adiea will not be good to convince us.

  12. Azzam Arab says:

    islam wil remain strong from now on. the weekness has gone sir. come to the feiled and will test each other.

  13. Azzam Arab says:

    i call upon imran not to demoralize the people.

  14. the world is highly deceived and forces at work continue to deceive the world in subtle ways particularly the media that only a deep thinker can see.

  15. New World Order with Jerusalem as it's capital:

    What is the accursed "New World Order"?

    Started with the set up drama of 9/11,it is a disguised agenda of the Zionists led by the Zionist triangle of evil, lsrael, UK and USA, (USA and UK being it's military leaders) to cleanse the Middle East for greater lsrael (the map is already displayed in lsraeli Knesset) with it's capital at Jerusalem and then ultimately destroying the USA, UK,Europe and the rest of the planet by world war three already initiated between big powers, the USA led NATO and Russia & China. Never forget what Albert Pike had said " We must foment WW III between Christians and Muslims destroying both in the process leaving only the Zionists in political control (of the world)!!!!
    However it will not succeed and as a result Western Civilization and the Zionists will be wiped out forever.

  16. Must also never forget that:
    1st WW was for Jew's right to migrate and settle in Palestine.
    2nd WW was to establish the state of lsrael.
    3rd WW is to expand and establish greater lsrael from Nile in Egypt to Euphrates in lraq, the map of greater lsrael is on the walls of lsraeli Knesset.

    Roman Catholic Pope is basically a Jesuit (who worship Satan/Lucifer,a Pagan who worship idols.
    Catholicism was manufactured by Roman Emperor Constantine to satisfy both Roman Pagans and Christians by mixing and grinding both religions into one. Concepts of Trinity, God as father and statues of Jesus and Mary were put in the Church for worship. In essence Roman Catholics and the Pope with all his clergy worship Lucifer/Satan. Same is the case with the Jews. They lost their original religion of Monotheism and corrupted/mutilated it to worship this material world. All their effort and focus on religion is to regain past glory by building Lucifer's temple and wait for the the coming of fake and fabricated Messiah and rule the world!!!!
    Jews hate the mankind and believing all to be subhumans, ordain themselves the right to kill them like animals, enslave them or torture or do anything with them. That's why they kill Palestinians as a religious duty and fun.
    Remember present attempts and provocations to start world war three are for the achievement of the same goal of domination and rule of planet.
    This time these fools will not only lose lsrael but most likely will be wiped out altogether from the planet.

  18. Kalim Khan says:


  19. We are already already WWll if you all the small wars right now it's bigger than WW1 and 2

  20. Seynab Abdi says:

    as the rest of the world tries to explore other planets (with possibly of leaving this one for the idiots), here we have people propagating for concocted theories that only stir FEAR. I long ago said, you cannot use 21st century tools made and own by Jews and yet you use it to preach and distribute stone age mentalities. We deserve better than this as Muslims.

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