World War III Has Begun


The war of the future will not be fought on the battlefields of yore, but in the minds and across the airwaves. The globalists are marshaling their troops for the final …


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  1. ejm109cia says:

    "Everybody knows I'm Sweet and Good!"

  2. Tired Of Conservative Slack Jaws Sucking Dick's! Zionist Dick's! Their Own Dick's! Now Russian Dick's!!!! You Guy's Are Fucked Up!!! #perverse The Synagogue Of Satan Working With The Church Of The Antichrist!!!!

  3. Fucking stupid Trumpturds call this real news. LMFAO!!!

  4. LOL Alex been saying this shit since 2003

  5. L.C. NG says:

    This guy is beyond paranoid and completely delusional. Wtf is he ranting on about lol fake news run amuck. Let me put my tin foil wrap on my head to absorb this trash

  6. kevin weiler says:

    So dramatic that its silly. Just report the facts and whats going on. Stop the dumb shit.

  7. Dylan Ivey says:

    you are a fear mongering!!!! get on your apolitical fat ass

  8. Aron Machura says:

    Hi Alex Jones.i love your show.You rock.You've made me very aware of whats going on.its heavy but i can handle it.oh the thing on fear.A Rambo quote.Live for nothing that truly wasnt who you are.Dead for something that really was you.

  9. Aron Machura says:

    raddle and break the chains people.Humanity has to come together to stop this bs.Across the globe.And talk down to lot of this funk.

  10. Ben Giancola says:

    like the ranbom cat

  11. justislugga says:

    we can pray, y'all

  12. Ben Giancola says:

    keep on doing what you're doing. we need to make AMERICA great again ??????????????

  13. Chuck Noris says:

    obama osama alien islam

  14. David Albert says:

    Hey Brother, I wonder if you Know how Many of us out here have Taken Example and have Become Stronger through the Fine Example of Your Courage and Bravery for Us, and for the United States of America ! I know that you Once said that the Cause of Saving America was More Important to you then Your Life ! How Uplifting those words were to Me ! And I just want you to Know as I am Certain You Do know that You Are Not Alone! Because of Your Courage and Willingness to Offer Yourself for All Real Americans Waking Up Right Now, and the Guts it has taken for you to do that for more than 20 Years, I am a Tiger Again. And there are Millions of Strong American Patriot Warriors Standing Up Now , Unafraid because of Your Fine Example of What the word Warrior Really Means. I love You Alex for what You have done,most Especially for this Old Veteran that has had his Strength Renewed because of this Desperate Situation that we all Face now in the United States.I Believe with all my Heart I have Enough Strength Left to put my Shoulder against Yours and Fight the Isis Terrorists, that just Think they can take over of our Country in their Evil Plan that Threatens our Freedom and our Very Lives ! It will be a Noble way to Die if that's what I must do to Join you in this Dream of a Free America ! God Bless You and Keep you,and for All of Us that will Stand Up Beside You, I say do Not be Afraid Anymore. It is Better to Die With Honor, then to be a Coward on your Knees Before this Plan to take Our Freedom, and Destroy the United States of America. God Bless You Alex.

  15. What I liked most about this video is how he treated that cat, showing how animals should be treated by humans – with care and love. I hope it's the example to world-wide viewers.

  16. what if China hack us rember 4 or 5 years ago during oboma and Romney debate they talk about China hacking us so it might not be the Russians it could be China.

  17. Sean Lynch says:

    Oh, right, so it's bullshit. What a surprise.

  18. I like the new calm and collected Alex, similar to Paul Watson

  19. Julien Nizan says:

    That entrance though What's up guys Scarce here

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