World War III Pre-Game Show


WWIII is on the horizon and your friends at JoyCamp have the scoop on what we can expect to go down. SUBSCRIBE: …


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  1. Great vid guys I hope some sheep watch and clue in:)

  2. eXtremeDR says:

    Meanwhile, in a very super secret place.
    Chief: "This is our armageddon control room."
    Chief: "The red button activates the genetical modified bacteria and the flesh eating nano-bots we have sprayed all over the world for the last ten years!"
    Audience: "Ohhh. Ahhh." *applause*
    Chief: "The blue button releases our UFO fleet with real looking aliens – a result of our special black-oops program."
    Audience: *applause*
    Chief: "The yellow modulator is for mind-control."
    Audience: "Bravo! Awesome!"

  3. Deadnsd says:

    LMAO!! pure awesomeness.

  4. Yes, one thing is for certain, the psychopaths are indeed in complete control of planet Earth.


  5. Nuke Israel and they will Destroy the World,well at least thats apparently what they said.So best to leave the Zionists ( a small fraction of the Jews ) alone.Let them do as they please.Na just send LOTS of Nukes their way and see just how good those with beards ( lots of beards ) (( Lots )) can defend themselves.Footnote to all non Zionist jews who live in Israel,maybe time to scadaddle.Joy camp is sooo superior to camp David.

  6. Phil Watson says:

    Ha ha, "Praise the Lord"…brilliant!
    Okay, so it's odds on for the USA, but let's not forget the Russian Bear teaming up with new kids on the block, China! Oh but that's alright, we've got Bibi in our back pocket, (or is it the other way round?) and it's a cinch we'll win cause he's got an ace in the hole called the "Samson option"! Yay!! …(google it ;))

  7. forlornmind says:

    loti laughfing on the inside

  8. MlSHKlN says:

    reverend garth crooks is hilarious lol

  9. USA all the waaaay. Lmao I wish they made more videos there all Fuckn hilarious 

  10. yogi bebek says:

    Woow indonesia and all friends can Winners

  11. Funny, but a little scary.

  12. Raoul Duke says:

    This is my favorite episode.

    ps the world is flat?

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