World War III & the End of America – the Red Horse Is Coming!


How big of a threat is Russia ? With all the strange news about Russian missile test , and more , how should we be worried ? Well, according to Jeff Nyquist , …


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  1. In the 1980' s America ; during president Reagan's time ; when Russia was in Afghanistan, America CIA created Al QUIEDA ; TO GET GET RUSSIA OUT OF AFGHANISTAN. AMERICA EXPORTS MORE SEX PORN THAN ANY COUNTRY. OUR NATIONAL DEBT NEVER GETS PAID ; U.S.A. JUST keeps borrowing ; all the politics are involved ; from state to federal reps ; senators ; governors ; this country is going to hell in a HAND BASKET " meaning its by design "

  2. Russia is cluster bombing the daylight out of Isis, an organization that slaughters Christians and was created as well as armed by the west to do their dirty work in the middle east. Suddenly questions are arising about Russia being a threat to the west, I shake my head…….the biggest threat to the west is the west but fear not, all evil will be uprooted in due time

  3. The only person who knows when the end of the world will be is ALMIGHTY GOD. Man has been trying to predict a date for everything and man can not predict the date of the end of the world, because man has no power to do so. Stop this nonesence now.Trust the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and your mind and leave the heavenly things to ALMIGHTY GOD himself, he only has a time scale himself and knoweth all things. Let man help man, and pray for forgiveness. Go out and do good to your fellowman and this will be enough for all of us. NO man can predict times that belong to heaven and the heavenly kingdoms. Thank you for reading and GOD BLESS.

  4. gck82s says:

    HAHAHAHA After listening to this I feel so sorry for America as they have already lost the war before it starts.

  5. necro wafer says:

    Russia has s500 for self defence soo that makes them bad , these guys are a joke


    The biggest threat to the US is the Jesuits who control their leaders and through the leaders the people. How many countries did Germany attack under Hitler and the Jesuits. The US under the Jesuits attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia,Syria, Took control of the government of Ukraine and were probably behind all the trouble in Egypt.

  7. Uh oh well I won't ever grow up and have a life the apocalypse is coming were stuck America But we got to fight back FOR AMERICA all of us need to those soldiers risked there lives for and now it's time to return there favor.

  8. John Boyt says:

    Russia is today the America of the 50s, and America is very much like what Russia once was. You must remember that it was the Jews that overthrew Russia in 1917. Russia has a very long history and only a very small part of that history was communism. Todays Russia protects their people against GMOs, gay indoctrination in their schools, and otherwise promoting moral values. America is now wearing the 50s Russian boot. Get real, Putin is doing his best to prevent a nuclear war, while America is promoting building of bases closer to Russia, thereby breaking their word made in 1989. Now Yahweh has given Russia a great sword that will be used to punish America.

  9. Kelvin Prior says:

    What a load of bollards

  10. Jesuit Bull-shevic

  11. Tuff scooT says:

    what no dates? …hahaha n what do u think is more important than what some one who gets paid to say shit .. so u agree with starting a war. or paying isis . and funding them?

  12. Carol Jones says:

    Captured Israeli Flag Officer Sequestered to Prevent Israeli Raid
    Satanic Reference during the Interrogation
    Captured Israeli Colonel Yossi Elon Shahak from the Golani Brigade exposed Israel’s conspiratorial role in the Middle East Region by citing that ISIS and other terror organizations are enslaved to its orders…The final goal is total destruction for the emergence of the Satan from the black hole that will rule the world.

  13. rusty riddle says:

    Isn't amazing the Bible tells about this war that happens before Armageddon. so really this is old news, no surprise at all. but people will not read it, sad

  14. 98maximatom says:

    no no. this is completely wrong!!

  15. THERAMBLNMAN says:

    o.k Renee M……..lmao

  16. Rom Del says:

    So many deceptions are coming and unless you have the gift of discernment, you cant distinguish the truth from lies…

  17. Vic Tanev says:


  18. Ernst Junger says:

    Russia will be the hope of the world (Edgar Cayce)

  19. lazermens says:

    hey quit it paris is in peril cause of isis now and you still thinking this

  20. John Jones says:

    another religious quack? Were prime to this? LOl We are just another communist satillite. Face it. Not much difference between the Nothern united States and Russia as long as Russia has a leader that is highly recongnized to be intelligent.Americans are lost in their drug wars and health care suffication because they are trying to keep the population down to match their resources. Russia just recently had a nuclear accident. This is just a play on propaganda. Russians are basically having frost bite of the brain.They can just barely keep their country from being run over by China.
    Your homo sexual reaction is not any different today than it was in the 1800s. Just more noise about it. This guy has a problem about other peoples private lives.
    Isn't it just like Russia to now come out and take care of part of their problems while for 30 years they quit interferring with their competition for oil?They have to compete against the middle east to supply oil to those willing to export it. It harder to produce it in the north than in the middle east. Fucking comical.
    Yeah your right though. There is no end to what people will say or do to cause a war to move the money around to where they want it.

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