World War III – Who Will Be Blamed?


Sources and transcription : ? Http:// If you want to start a war , the unwashed masses must be convinced to send …


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  1. TheJ00000hn says:

    mars is looking better everyday

  2. mmary952 says:

    If you see the root you must start with clumsy jimmy carter; peanut seller!. Today's chaos is the result of the wrong decision of jimmy carter and britain by interfering with beautiful Iran and the patriot leader; Shah of Iran. Since that disaster first Iran became up-side-down then middle east and now Europe and U.S.

  3. Kurt Will says:

    The truth on who's behind the Illuminati:

  4. Craig Baker says:

    wow. so many useless trolls out there in the world…

    sometimes people emulate ostrich's, and just bury their heads in the sand, thinking it changes the facts…. it's all good. they won't know when it's time to bug out…. n well be free of them forever. Lol. trollololololololol

    only in murica

  5. Craig Baker says:


    I like your video's, and I normally cant stand most YouTube truthers and new age groups etc..

    however, I find that even when I disagree at first, you at LEAST back up your claims with evidence that you ALSO encourage others to search out and read the facts for themselves… I know, I've heard you say it, and I believe you too..

    the sheep are too eager to troll, too lazy to research the facts for themselves, .. I THINK it makes them feel more self confident attacking people with different idea's

  6. I'm a bit disappointed in this video. I enjoy SCG, but to still not be privy to the fact that 9/11 WASN'T an inside job by using conspiracy theories that were debunked years ago? That's just not checking your facts. This would have been a complete video had it not been for the lack of truth surrounding 9/11 as it is portrayed in this video.

    You're better than this. C'mon, man.

  7. US Government is full of terrorists!! Russia all the way for me and most people in GB

  8. putin needs to kick obamas arse once and for all!! sooooo many Europeans are on Russias side!

  9. Thanks for this and all the work you guys do. I do not know who you are but I trust your perspectives…

  10. Aaa Aaa says:

    من يترجم لي بعض المقاطع من هذه القناه مقابل مبلغ مالي؟

  11. Billy982810 says:

    The UN moved the Jews Into Israel in 1948.. So The UN is to blame.

  12. Edward Teach says:

    Erm you do know that the fuel vaporized in seconds while it caused fires on things like plastics which have a very high heat output and the offices were full of just saying…..

  13. MrJosh2424 says:

    stormclouds this is the video that desperately needs to be shared. this came out two weeks before you talked about YouTube's policies. never have I seen a more hard to refute video of everything going on and the few 9/11 parts are the best ones to bring up and the hardest parts for people to close their eyes to and use as hominem attacks. not that they still won't happen lol

  14. James Cioffi says:

    The question is, how do we stop this from happening? Especially as U.S. citizens…

  15. probably a small tribe in Africa

  16. blueroom says:

    Very intresting. Thanks.

  17. Timtim 88 says:

    WWIII is created by JEWS LOBBY in American Conggress

  18. Mike Antonio says:

    My faith has been restored. I was worried about you guys.

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