World War III Will Be Used To Cover Up The Central Bank Economic Collapse – Episode 749b


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  1. ReK says:

    now it makes better sense. they used 9/11 as a cover up also and all other major events so no wonder. we are about to go into the 7 year tribulation period god bless everyone and lets pray for strength to get through this and stand fast

  2. Larry H says:

    You know nothing of economics, stock market, global economies, macro/micro aspects, or geopolitics. In addition you are an attention getting moron spreading fear without merit. Your assumption of world economic collapse is objectively contrary to what is going on now.

  3. This month there has been a sharp drop off in inspections and market analysis.  Has me worried.

  4. braveheart says:


  5. Jack o says:

    the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich when the rich take everything they have…

  6. We're one week away before sh*t hits the fan – 923 is shown allll over the place – keep your eyes on Obama and Pope you will see what I mean and how it all matches the bible and revelations

  7. I suggest you look at the Malysian war crimes tribunal and then wonder why Malysian airlines get shot out of the sky and disappear. By the way Boeing and Rolls Royce know exactly were the airline is and what happened because they have the data fed back to them 24/7 on every engine they put into service. Don`t believe me? Go and ask them I did 100% correct.
    Kenny Veterans For Peace UK

  8. If we look at scientific fact looking in on ourselves as a species things do look a little silly. It is quite easy to sit in our homes with double glazing and air conditioning with the latest gadgets and forget we have only had electricity in our homes 100 ish years.
    This planet formed 4.6 ish billion years ago, it takes nearly 32 years to count to 1 billion
    We have been here 1 ish million years, it takes only 11 days to count to 1 million
    In that short time we have travelled from the African continent, through the middle east then spreading east around Asia,north and through Europe. We only begin to see great sailing nations of our past appear when we run out of land, such as the Vikings and England in the north down through France,Spain and Portugal.
    In only the last two hundred years we have found and colonized the last two continents on this planet, we have nowhere else to go. Yet around the world we populate more than ever. The small village i grew up in i visited recently, farms that produced food are now homes or offices with land now used housing estates. The UK now imports 40% of its food to supply it population. There is twice as many people in the UK as there is in the whole of Canada on an island with its furthest point 40 miles from sea. A country can have as many stocks/shares and bonds as it likes, but if a country cannot feed its own people, that country is in trouble.
    Combine this with climate change. Some people say climate change is not happening or that it is caused by us both of which i disagree with as ever since the planet had a climate it has changed we only need to look a few years back to see an ice age although i do agree we have exacerbated the situation this time. We know climate change is drastic, we only need to look at geology for that and we now know oceans move around the planet finding stalactites etc under deep seas and fossil fuels where once rainforest grew with vast craters like the Grand Canyon where once seas flowed.
    These big changes may take time but as we now rely more and more on single areas to produce food and factory farming needs to be used, what if there are 1, 2 or even 3 years crop fail? I do know that country would try and feed its own people first.
    It does look like quite a lot of people in the world, western too are going to be facing starvation as the one thing our governments cannot guarantee is the weather.
    Around the world we have problems with migration, jobs,housing,power supply, waste, pollution, social behavior,environmental issues,transport/infrastructure food and water (California now). All these issues can be solved quite easily with a reduction in population over a few generations but noone will even open a debate on this matter.(even Israel & Palestine are only fighting over land to build on)
    The big game changer came when we colonized the final two continents, the main thing not factored in to most equations. From outside looking in we are just like mold on a piece of bread or locusts in a field and as we are supposed to be the most intellectual animals on the planet i surgest we use our heads not for fighting each other but solving major world issues.
    Missing money. Countries all around the world seems to be in debt, billions of pound/dollars owed, where can it be? Well i have found some, i think.
    If you are still reading this mail and i haven't bored you we can try reader participation to find the money. Hold out your left hand, flat with palm facing to your right, this believe me or not is the world. Now rotate your right index finger in the palm of your left hand, this is now money circulating the world, and everything is fine(we know banks like to see money circulate). Now raise the thumb on your left hand. Whilst the main bulk of money still turns around the world odd notes now start to flutter up your thumb getting stuck there doing nothing. The more your thumb fills with notes the less and less there is going around the world. Your thumb represents Billionaires, businesses holding money they can never possibly spend.
    Our decisions now make a difference to generations to come not just ourselves now.
    I would like to know why a debate on population numbers is so taboo if it offers so many benefits, have our forefathers not strived for this? to conquer the world, now lets not abuse it.
    If it is solely because of Capitalism, then maybe it is time is needed tweaking a little.
    Capitalism needs more and more people to buy more and more 'stuff' to survive but this is now out of control.
    My suggestion would be a reduction in world population (a great infrastructure for less people. Bring in a savings cap, If it not possible to spend over1 billion pounds/dollars (this amount is example) then why have more stuck in a bank that cannot be spent?
    Thus why not retire when a certain amount has been reached the interest then going to employ people and by materials ie for roads, health etc
    Money needs to circulate to work.
    We have zoos that protect animal from going extinct and think we are great,, we are only saving them for us, they dont face danger from anything else plundering the oceans and ripping down rainforest.
    (did you know there is no more wild tuna in the mediterranean sea, it has been fish out, only 43 fish farms are there now)
    With many animals facing crisis already due to climate change, ie bees/bats and the acidification of our oceans i am concerned for the future.
    It seems our leaders continue blindly down a path that can only lead to suffering to many people.

  9. Charlene H says:

    Dave is delightfully intuitive, original, and his delivery, riveting! I wonder about his former or current professional background. What painful incident occurred that lit this fire under his feet, or was it a combination, "The last straw that broke the camel's back? It would be an inspiration to know the story.

  10. Banks are more dangerous than standing armies. As funding by posterity is but " swindleing the future" on a large scale. Thomas Jefferson 1816

  11. +John doe that's nice of them

  12. Midnight ez says:

    God is coming that's all

  13. Will Hart says:

    This has been my scenaario for while now. Events are rapidly escalating now in Oct., Russia has attacked. The DJIA is poised to tank and then everything unravels quickly as defualts in the fracking industry hit in a wave…

  14. Dense Money says:

    Their goal is to establish world wide Commumism. "The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation." – Lenin. They are establishing a WORLD CENTRAL bank, this will be to communizing the planet. See what you can do to prevent this: www exposing communism com

  15. Patty Miller says:

    Grate idea I LIKE IT. lets put live chickens and cameras out there and WACTH them in their suits and ties chasing down chickens to live. No shelters aloud. We will let them be homeless like the THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN families that they stole houses and retirement money FROM.Let it be a island off of Mexico were water is scarce and escape from the sun is next to impossible.You can't get off the island because it will be surrounded by sharks.Yeah that's better. No tropical paradise islands they don't deserve it.????

  16. Patty Miller says:

    Jhon doe they started that the last 4 years of bush Jr's administration. It's also the same time that the giatines got moved around the US.Yeah the things that cut your head off. WE are almost there. Last time I said that I pulled my money out 2weeks prior to the stock market collapse in 08. My brother in law didn't believe me and he had lost a million bucks in a matter of hours. Just because it did not go to collage does not mean I am stupid. if any thing I am smarter because of it.

  17. Danni Rodes says:

    Well X22 as of Oct 13, you're a little off the mark. Turns out your poor beloved savior Sir Vladimir Putin has won, his next stop… your home town.
    I hope he will be as kind to you and your family as you praise him to be.

  18. Kate Moo says:

    there is no world war 3 its not going to happen i am telling you guys ooooo this is going to happen at this date or this date its no going to happen and i am not trying to be mean i am just tired of peaple saying it but no hate tho

  19. Kate B says:

    The 3rd Eye of Illuminati Freemasonry is: 1. "I"nbreeding.   2. "I"nfestation of demons.  3. "I"nsanity.

  20. john c says:

    I have noticed that the world perceives americans as stupid abnoxious, cunning, irellevent, "sheople", un-informed…………. well our population in this country is pretty much MASSIVE compared to one you're coming from, like wise if you're from china afgan saudi whatever LOOK at you're own country first then judge ours, not EVERYONE here is STUPID and un-KNOWING…… do what you say about us in you're OWN country , then talk about us…………. geeee……. it's not hard………………hahahahaha……… there's more to people here than you WILL ever know simple fact is you don't hear about it……….

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