World War Nerf


Nerf. Nerf never changes. Merch: RUSH trailer: —- I made a ton of Nerf FX elements for this video, so I decided I’d …


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  2. This is what happens when the war finally gets nerf guns

  3. At 0:29 it's the soldier from team fortress 2

  4. Chris Lee says:

    nerf world war?

  5. 5H4DOW says:

    Wow súper NICE the video

  6. MR.magic says:

    Great SPE I'm impressed

  7. Ty Takarangi says:


  8. Kush Keith says:

    Cool that Corridor sponsored you guys, this totally looks like something they would be interested in.

  9. i really want to 3d print a moving model tiger in nerf colored filaments now

  10. This is make very well??

  11. Dhiaz Zaki says:

    I like this video, from editing side, and other. Of course, very salute of actor act, just a toys but really acting like its real

  12. general 3 stars, sir ! ( private ) lets go!

  13. joe janssen says:

    Me and my friends are like that when we do nerf wars

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