WORLD WAR THREE has been started- March 20- 2011



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  1. docatomics says:

    ~doctoRnmics is a fraudulent criminal imposter site & is affiliated with WizardWithin & ALoENoMESell
    =public sworn to vandalize docatoMics channel, product & aquaintences
    -YouTube has failed to act in due diligence against this crime

  2. docatomics says:

    @Vayjak …just billionaire's, kind of a catch & expose thingy, not unlike catch & release, at least the first part
    ~after 47 years as a hunter
    =I prefer to make friends with the odd bit of free life eye stumble across than consume it

  3. docatomics says:

    …all this for trying to introduce a standard gold coin in common for Africa in lieu of the failed Federal Reserve Notes for the United States
    ~who would have imagined gold would have bee rendered so objectionable as standard trading currency
    =not like you couldn't restamp it if you didn't like the kernels ugly mug on the face of the coins with something like Marilyn Monroe's butt (when she was younger) if you didn't want to carry around a Kadfi in your pant's pocket; silly currency cultist !

  4. bob Desnos says:


  5. docatomics says:

    @desnos …d0 n0t understand y0u;
    =d0 y0u kn0w h0w t0 scr0ll 0n by

  6. "We the People" must stop these psychopathic Jew monsters that are trying to rule the world unchallenged.

  7. docatomics says:

    @HiawathaMohawk …better t0 say h0m0 sapient m0nsters as the mindless beast c0me in every c0l0r and DNA varient ,
    -made p0ssible by `We the sheeples negligence tax remittance & apathy t0wards adult like civil emancipati0n, s0 we are all t0 blame
    That said ISRAEL, y0u sick c0rp0rati0n, why didn`t y0u tell y0ur adivisarys, t0 make better inf0rmed desssi0ns
    =mutual assured deterrent; which nature n0w pr0vides freely in the f0rm 0f a free natural unifying threat f0r all t0 rally bef0re & survive

  8. docatomics says:

    @HiawathaMohawk …but y0u kn0w, m0st c0mment0rs that leave such blanket qu0tes , yet appear awake actual turn 0ut t0 be imp0ster MASS0D c0ntracted hill b0t based 0ur 0f Austrialia (the 0nes in Nigeria had all be depramed by s0me0ne slightly cleaver that they)
    +just saying
    -s0 any 0f th0se sexy danncers l00king f0r a permanent g0y g0ulium b0yt0y, d0 pass that 0n if it c0me t0 mind when next y0u see them marine

  9. @docatomics Yes, but the specific dna waging war on the planet and people are the synagogue of satan. Doesn't matter anyway it's too late, israel has thousands of nukes as do other nations so mutal destruction is inevitable. Make your peace with God, repent and be baptized in the blood of Christ. Remeber as on earth as in heaven. This hell is about over.

  10. docatomics says:

    @SiouxSyndicate …by “local authorities“ d0 y0u mean me the tax payer, 0r me the h0minid with the genetically 0ldest living claim t0 my Earth, given the expire 0f the 8,000 year 0ld lease agreement my ancest0rs made with h0m0 sapients genetic m0difer fr0m h0st genes st0len fr0m my ancest0rs, which mean the h0m0 sapients are n0t 0wn by any0wn as my pe0ple d0 n0t rec0gnize such n0nsense in law and d0 n0t t0lerate slavery, being 0f the belief y0u may 0nly p0ssess y0ur 0wn life

  11. docatomics says:

    as my pe0ple d0 n0t rec0gnize such n0nsense in law and d0 n0t t0lerate slavery, being 0f the belief y0u may 0nly p0ssess y0ur 0wn life, f0r as l0ng as y0u live t0 generate it

  12. docatomics says:

    @HiawathaMohawk …I have n0 g0d friend; my creat0r was a super n0va, same 0ne that created my Earth;
    -which is wh0m I have failed t0 pr0trect, w0 we die t0gether
    =fighting t0 get the h0m0 sapient scurge fr0m 0f my Earth bef0re it is t0 late
    they have a seri0us life debt t0 repay back int0 the universe and I d0n`t want them in my singularity at the end 0f my Earth`s time, they are t0 nasty & y0ung and need t0 pay their 8,000 years 0f life debt, s0 they must be made t0 live 0n, but n0t as avatars

  13. @docatomics Sad to know that, peace be with you.

  14. docatomics says:

    @Vayjak …well being a clint hunter since birth,
    -and n0t having cause t0 take free lifes t0 fee the d0gs yet;
    =I shall just say I am a warlord hunter, hunting d0wn 0nly warlords, greedy billion airs and 0ther that interfere with sustainable existence 0n my Earth;
    +Truth never leaves my side, s0 I d0 n0t hunter f0r her any l0nger, just serve her as I serve my Earth

  15. FRIENDTARD says:

    BEAUTIFUL dogs!! Your sound effects made me laugh!!! LOVE

  16. bob Desnos says:


  17. docatomics says:

    @desnos …then they shall c0me t0 regret what they wanted by what they get & triffled s0 l0ng t0 pr0duce !

  18. those are some cool truffle sniffers you have

  19. docatomics says:

    = share 158 VIDEO YouTube Playlist in Remembering back to when THE HARPER began to " CHANGE the PLACE "

  20. Cassi Kew says:

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