World War Truth: Episode 5 (3/6/16)


Topics: NPI Conference; poisonus and weak people; the need for powerful leaders, putting feelings aside, winning strategy or stupid failing fantasies; trust vs …


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  1. Elections were held at Mar 5, 2016 in Slovakia.
    Golden Dawn like party,Kotleba , a reformed extrapaliamentary extremist group, now mainstream radical right got its breakthrough with 8%
    The old nationalist SNS, Front National like party, got its vote share increased to 8.5%
    The two mildly eurosceptic parties nationalcoservative OlaNO and nationaliberal SaS, both allied with British prime-minister Cameron, got 12% and 11% respectively.
    The left nationalist, with patriotic rhetoric, Smer of (ex- or)neocommunist prime-minister Fico, rallying on an ant-immigration anti-islam campaign, got 28%, about as much as last time.
    Respectable Speech,focusing or real issues=Success.

  2. Herr WoIf says:

    Who gives a shit about the like dislike…Why don't you disable it Angelo…Only idiots give much attention to that bar.

  3. Alfred B says:

    Have you poison-vaccinated all the goyim in the spherical Earth yet, you Zio-Israel-Jew-Kike Hu-White-blaming shill?

  4. Shinyume says:

    WTF is wrong with those flat-earthers ?! I can't f*cking believe that the guy who made hellstorm believe that shit… God dammit guys who began with that shit ? Sinead ? They used to be intelligent…

  5. I'm a huge fan of NPI and I love what Richard Spencer is doing. What they don't do is focus attacks upon the people who are even more politically incorrect than themselves. We all get that it is reasonable to strike back at those people who were talking shit about you, but now that you have done that, perhaps it is time to stop focusing on internal matters and get back to our common purpose in whatever way you see fit. We do not want to get sidetracked. Direct fire upon the open enemies of our people. If you continue "punching right" you're going to end up like that weirdo who says he stores his piss in bottles, a supposed White Nationalist (yeah, you don't like that term, that's fine) who only talks about other supposed White Nationalists he has personal beefs with. Obviously you are not interested in catering to Piercians and Rockwellites. But attacking them is not going to advance our interests.

  6. How many accounts they opened those of renegade to put all these thumbs down?

  7. This video ends suddenly in the middle of the sentence.

  8. I would say that Golden Dawn is LARPing, but for real.

  9. I know plenty of Soldiers that scan the roads of America for IEDs, jump at loud noises, and who have seen friends get blown up, but love their wives and kids more than anything, and missed them terribly whenever they talked with them from the Middle East. I knew someone in particular who would barricade their bedroom door in his sleep with a loaded dresser, and he was in the first wave at Normandy, and survived war until the Ardennes but thought of his family more than any other thing. If not for families, what does the Nationalist Movement stand for?

  10. joe blow says:

    Think about Renetard & their propaganda for a minute. I don't care if you could prove the earth was flat and you could take people to the edge. IT IS TERRIBLE PROPAGANDA. Any amount of good that you say in the future, will be discredited. If they can't see that, they do more harm than good AND if you do harm, you must go.

  11. Lets wake every one up to something they have no control over. Only the Almighty can break the yoke.

  12. futu1983 says:

    So veterans have nothing to show for? Well, they could show you. I guess you wouldn't be there without someone doing that useless truth telling circle jerk.

  13. Adam Adams says:

    I find fascism too close to communism.
    But a White Secession Party maybe…?

  14. Samc1337 says:

    Gage, though you probably had this in mind but when you run for office, it may be worth your time on getting a few pointers and some advice from Dr. Duke on elections, since he's won elections multiple times.

  15. eal1985 says:

    I swear some of these Joooo chasers go to sleep with visions of Woody Allen, Mort Goldman, and Jackie Mason in their heads.

  16. Tomiltorino says:

    Sinead lost me when I heard her bash Christianity, talking about flat earth, talking about no wearing tampons and having her period right into the ground. Bitch is crazy, I thought Columbus proved the flat earthers wrong a long time ago.

  17. Nonii 92 says:

    Nice to see someone actually starting to do something

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