World War Z Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 (Story Mode) iOS Android Zombies Game iPhone


Part 1: Yesterdays new release on App Store – World War Z. Leave a LIKE for more quick episodes of the Story mode! I think I …


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  1. I like the walking dead game better, if you playing for narratives, graphics and atmosphere. I just felt like it took a grittier approach. I like how every death had a propose, and none felt out of place, while still balancing them with plenty of epic fight scenes, that all had a purpose. This one had too many fight scenes that had no effect on the plot at all. Idk tho

  2. Jadam Guy says:

    They said Doug looked ugly what does he look like?

  3. What's the code it's not working for me I try putting 4408 but it said no

  4. I can say one thing , this game is intense lol

  5. Password:4422, I was playing the game right now and I just figured that u have to mix black colored numbers with first and last

  6. Why do you not talk in your videos

  7. best lets play ever!!!

  8. Chan Lei says:

    there 's something in the garbage too

  9. Something wrong with the sounds………… It isn't timed.

  10. PB L says:

    Otimo jogo cara

  11. Lol around 23:00 to 24:00 he just skipped that fight

  12. I would have loved it but the sound was way off and that ruined it for me. Ugh

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