World War Z Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 (Story Mode) iOS Android Zombies Game iPhone


Part 1 : Part 2 : -FU an AS for more episodes of a quick playthrough complete story mode ? Recorded on …


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  1. Aaron Maruri says:

    Imagin cod vs world war z

  2. ruval66 says:

    It's revealed in the book, their blood turns into black goo.

  3. -.- Great movie, fucking game…

  4. liveitz0z says:

    what do i do when it tells me the zombies are trying to take down the plane?

  5. Josh Harris says:

    Rob looks giant compared to Yvette

  6. Matan m says:

    I love the beginning part!

  7. James Zhang says:

    this is worst than pokemon

  8. myfull namea says:

    What was Gethry supposed to say after, "I don't ask much."

  9. Amigo no qureo que me entendas pero digo que jugas este juego bastante bien 

  10. Guys y'all can get gangster Rio for free

  11. I always fail on this missions

  12. Alex Najar says:

    How do I get a different gun? I'm stuck with the handgun ?

  13. Diy Andy says:

    How come he never dies

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