WORLD WAR Z – Official Clip – “Philadelphia”


Watch the “Philadelphia” Clip from WORLD WAR Z starring Brad Pitt.

Coming soon to cinemas


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  1. Eman C. says:

    At least they aren't getting caught by zombies running at 2 mph coughs The Walking dead coughs

  2. Behind the scenes you see more accident carnage.

  3. LauraAmbrose says:

    Omg Yass this is in my city! It's in Glasgow :))

  4. If u guys see persons running like how sonic runs that means they are zombies and u have to run if it's kids running like that they ain't zombies

  5. The garbage truck plowing through the street with people taking pictures is so eerily like the mass-murder in Nice, France.

  6. Roy243 D says:

    This is what is coming to America soon

  7. hongry life says:

    zom bey = canned mister/lord/governor

  8. Izzy Miler says:

    Anyone notice there are camera guy During the scene when broke the police lines. Also a road block for the filming for the move World War Z

  9. World War Z was my fav. movie

  10. Mc- Slurtiz says:

    i think the smoke make the humans be a zombeeeeh

  11. Jim Hults says:

    My city of Pennsylvania!

  12. fffffaaaaaak!!! I wanna watch this but .. they wont put it on star movies or hbo!!! fudge!!! anyone tell where to watch this!!!

  13. BIO KILL says:

    When too much people get too much meth and get drunk

    so don't do drugs

  14. ahmed kut says:

    i want afucking full movie

  15. Rylan Dean says:

    Philadelphia is a cheese spread

  16. Flora G says:

    smash bang boom smash boom bang grrrrr r aaaah

  17. TerraRize says:

    some of those zombies are still floating about Glasgow. they support a wee ⚽ team called rangers….heh

  18. When there's a surprise Black Friday XD


  20. Rkasson says:

    Well Phili is fucked

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