World War Z – Official Trailer (HD)

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  1. I really dont understand the hate for this movie, this movie was better than all those stupid Resident Evil movies that were shit compared to the games.

  2. John Smith says:

    Good movie but could never happen in reality. Unfortunately reality makes all the movies in this genre look quite pleasant. Any catastrophic scenario whereby nuclear reactors and HLW facilities are left unattended for more than a few days renders mankind extinct. Not a few survivors. None. Reactors would scram within a few hours. After a few days backup generators would fail followed by boil off, core exposure and then meltdown. Containment breach. Meltdown at HLW facilities within a month. These can be even worse than reactors. Deadly radiation clouds would blanket the entire planet within weeks. There are 451 reactors around the world. Over 1000 HLW facilities. Zombies LOL. That's the good news.

  3. uuduu7 says:

    Its like every horror thriller is using this music for their trailers ever since .. sue them all !

  4. GhiGhi says:

    ich bin eine biene

  5. 10 times.
    I have counted 10 times that this trailer used the "BWWWWWAAAAAAAMMMM" Noise effect.
    Like its trying so hard to be edgy and originally intense.
    When only the few seconds of zombie swarm scenes are original.
    Everything else is all about Brad Pitt.

  6. Black Friday
    The Movie

  7. ugh how did a guy get run over by a truck that's illegal cause if one of those zombie things drived that then. how?

  8. Alpha Wolf says:

    Always confused as to how ZOMBIES climbed a wall

  9. Weston B says:

    this looks scary

  10. I Thought This Movie Was A War Between Human
    But This Is The Final War Humans Will Ever Get
    It's Not Against Humans
    It's Against Zombies

  11. I can't wait for the sequel

  12. It's too bad that people are hooked on the exam be phenomenal zombies are really demonic possessed people in the Book of Luke talks about a man with strength taking his clothes off

  13. That wall scene is probably what Mexico will be like after Donald trump builds his wall.

  14. Zevon Mxic says:


  15. الي شافوا على MBC 2 يجق لايك

  16. aban ali says:

    Peeps, available This is deeply bizarre reszlt get

  17. XxZoZoxX says:

    "Im comming back" no he ain't

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