World’s Busiest Airspace – AirVenture Fisk Arrival with US Coast Guard – Oshkosh – ATC audio


2000+ planes arrived in a few hours, and it tested ATC as well as the Pilots! Proud to be associated with ForeFlight: Flight …


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  1. Bradpl6 says:

    This is so dangerous, I'm glad they would never allow this in the UK

  2. Anyone who thinks flying cars are a good idea should watch this video.

  3. Thanks, James and Brock for the edit in!

    It was great getting to talk to the video guys and to meet Mr. Flight Chops himself! I appreciate what this channel does for GA.


  4. This is a 2 THUMBS UP vid! Thanks FlightChops  and keep-em coming!!!

  5. CPsVids says:

    Steve and Gang – One of the best! Glad I waited 'til I got home to watch it on the big screen!

  6. Another great video! Thanks so much for signing my shirt it really meant a lot. XD

  7. Johny Boy says:

    took the tour through FiFi last year, way too rushed for some one who want's to touch every switch and lick every window. as for Ripon you were maybe 2 "blocks" from my mom's house when you were by the grain elevator. didn't get to make it to AirVenture this year. saving up vacation for a vacation in Oct/Nov.

  8. Awesome Mr Flightchops always enjoy your videos Having watched many videos of the Fisk arrival it was great to see how it all comes together from the ground, those ATC guys are great Greetings from New Zealand

  9. GSOaviator says:

    Everyone's uploading videos on Fridays now? Count me in lol. FC, SteveO, and MA101 in one day. Add GSO to that list soon xD

  10. Cheiftain says:

    Great vid flightchops. You are one lucky bloke getting a ride in a mustang!!!! Can't wait for more vids keep up the great work!

  11. Noah Pruzek says:

    Nice work on this one! Only FlightChops has brought us a unique story *Coast Guard Fisk Arrival) like this. Pretty cool!


  13. Great video, really want to see the p 51 mustang formation.

  14. Windtee says:

    Wing-rockin', I mean Rotor-rockin' cool!


  15. Mods_o_joy says:

    Sorry if this has already been answered but 1, How did you get a ride/Control of a US Coast guard Heli, and 2, How are you so awesome/:

  16. fed8925 says:

    What was it like flying in Lady Alice? I'm a lineman for Threshold Aviation located at KCNO. Dr. Wagner is a good friend/mentor of mine, still haven't had the opportunity to get a chance to experience what you got to. Clear Skies Steve.

  17. Bruce says:

    You can count out $ shave club as a sponsor.

  18. Just starting my PPL and I am thinking I need to figure out a way to get to Osh next year. Great vid, looks like a blast.

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